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  1. One word, “Repeat”.

  2. I vote FREE BEER

  3. Surly & Scribe—can you guys become master beer brewers too, since that gig will be equally as good as this hockey blog site. I bet your beer would become the lunch and dinner of champions (can’t take the breakfast of champions from Coors). Off of the 101 Fwy downtown we used to have the Brew 102 label. Maybe you can call it “Brew Fig & 11th” or “S&S”, or “33 & 9”. If possible, just jack up the alcohol content a smidge for some added puck kick.

  4. Free vaseline?

  5. Time for Kings cup!!!

  6. Where’s the Kings WHORE-ses. Lol.

  7. How bout this fuckin team right here?


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