Oh Lubomir…When Did You Become So Crazy?

Remember Lubomir Visnovsky?

Our adorable defenseman with a strong skating stride and who was offensively gifted and defensively underrated?

The cookie salesman?

Man, I sure do. I also remember when Lubomir Visnovsky landed in Anaheim and my reaction to the signing.

Since the NHL lockout ended and the soldiers are called back home, Lubo has responded to his New York Islanders team with a “no!” or rather “kurva nie!” He has issued a statement to Newsday through his agent that states:

“I have decided to stay and continue my career in the KHL for the remainder of the 2012-13 season. I am thankful to the New York Islanders for being so good to me. My decision not to play in the NHL is due to family and personal reasons. I have made no decisions on next season. My focus now is on HC Slovan Bratislava, and enjoying my family in my home country.

Right…family. Personal. Somewhere, Ryan Smyth is stating, “good for you, Lubo, family should come first” while he looks around to make sure his wife didn’t hear that.

The NHL has given its own version of “no” to Lubo. The league states he has to come back.

This will be fascinating to watch. My guess? Lubo will open a pastry store in Slovakia and call it a career.

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7 replies

  1. He’s always been “so crazy”

    Let him stay in the KHL. More power to him.

  2. He also flipped out when we traded him to Edmonton.

  3. He’s going to make the Isles be the first to excersise the “Buyout” clause in the new CBA

  4. … Yeah, the nerve of that guy, deciding to play where he wants to play instead of in a shithole like the Isles’ organization.

  5. hIS Best years were here with us.. it really was a shame he had to be traded..
    GO KINGS GO !!!
    WWTC !!!


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