L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Ring…”You Are In So Much Trouble!”

It’s leaked!

Tim Leiweke’s daughter on Instagram…boy, someone is grounded until they’re 40.

Update: could this be the replica? Perhaps. Our readers have raised some great questions about this.

LA Kings Stanley Cup Ring

L.A. Kings Stanley Cup Ring

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  1. Looks like that might be the promotional ring that Luc mentioned they’re going to give away sometime this season. Pretty cool if it is!

  2. That is just Stunning! The way the Cup blends right into the ring..probably one of the best Stanley Cup Rings Ever made.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  3. Just to give a warning about some con artist(s) involving 2012 Stanley Cup rings for sale. If any of you know of letsgoking.com, then last summer someone posted of what he or she thought the ring might look like. It was a Jostens ring with the LA home base logo on it. Jostens did not win the bid to cast the rings. How do I know? When I saw the so called ring for sale on Bonanza, I noticed that the sides were computer generated art. and the top was taken from Letsgoking. Suspicious, I contacted Jostens about it and they responded they did not win the bid. So if you come across it on eCRATeR or Ebay or any other site who sells products for about $400.00 pass it up. Also the sellers are not from the U.S. they are foreign. So it could mean that they take your money and get nothing in return believing they are safe from U.S,.prosecution or you get a cheap knockoff.
    If the one from letsgokings who did that photoshop of that ring reads this,just to let you know, I do not accuse you of being part of the scam. They probably took your image and used it.

  4. I want one!!! Yeah DIAMONDS are a girls best friend you know!

  5. That looks like the replica that they’re going to pass out to fans. I’m pretty sure the players one will be diamonds all over especially the LA on the logo


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