Bob Miller – He was Bob Miller. Classy, a consummate professional, missed his voice.

Tim Leiweke – The guy is passionate. He wasn’t selling up there…well, not completely. You can tell he is a “fan”. Fault him if you must for things in the past but the Stanley Cup has purged many sins…until new sins are committed. He made it clear Dean has the green light to spend to the Cap. He wants to win it again. How many times did Tim talk about repeating?

“Hey Tim, you want some coffee?”

“We are repeating!!”

“Cool. Coffee?”


Dean Lombardi – He wasn’t there. He was there but he wasn’t there. He had that, “I have work to do” look and displayed the mannerism of a guy who wanted to get back to that work.

Darryl Sutter – God I love him. You have to really listen to his answers. There is so much wisdom in what he states even when, at first blush, you want to ask, “what?” I don’t put any stock into the fact he previously coached during a lockout season. Like he said, it’s a “totally different game” today.

Luuuuuc – Didn’t say much, right?

The Media – Sigh. You know, it makes me sad listening to some of the questions asked and the ones that were not.

Team is being sold, right? No questions? Not relevant to Tim’s constant statements about building a contender year in and year out? I think that is a damn good question and highly probative. How are you planning and building for the future when you are selling the franchise?

With the cap dropping next season, isn’t there some concern to spending to the Cap in 2013 unless it is “rentals”?

How does the new CBA change Dean Lombardi’s long term planning (2 to 5 years), if at all? Especially as it relates to retention of our own players and signing other free agents who already have pre-new CBA long-term contracts? I would have loved to know if, under the current CBA, does he make the Mike Richards and Jeff Carter trades?

For Darryl Sutter, what did you do during the time off? I really wanted to know, damn it!

Quick and Bernier. Who is backing Quickie up? Any plans for Bernier, especially since he has asked for a trade?

* Update: Just saw a tweet by John Hoven. Of course, he asked the question (future insider). Lombardi stated he does not intend to trade Bernier right now – too valuable.

I have about 10 more. You know, real questions that should be asked by people who know the game.

Jim Fox and Patrick O’Neil – Good job, boys.

Greener looked intense didn’t he?

Stolly had that, “man, I got laid a lot” look about him…and I bet he did.

Holy shit, it’s been a while since I have closed a post with…