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  1. … There’s no question Burke laid an egg in Toronto. But, there isn’t anyone who has a more solid, no-nonsense personality. He’s one hell of a guy.

  2. His point about trading for Kessel is one every Leaf fan should try and hear. But they won’t. The reason I love Brian Burke is he doesn’t lie. He tells you the straight and honest truth and if he can’t its because he’s bound by contract not to tell you. This guy rules. I am positive he’ll land on his feet and when he does I hope its in the Eastern Conference.

  3. Thanks for sharing… like him..hate him..or bit of both..he is a large hockey personality who at least speaks straight forward.. and loves the game..trouble with people like him..as brilliant as they may be.. when they are total asses to other human beings they cause more alienation then the wisdom and knowledge they could be sharing.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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