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  1. He’s obviously watching por……i mean playing Words with Friends.

  2. Is he stoned and fat again?

  3. Hi guys I have a question for you. Do you know who or what department I should contact see I am not going to make ig to opening night ( :'( :-( :'(:-( ) and I know that they r going to hand something out to the fans and I am a die hard fan and I would like to get all of the fan appreciation items. I just dont know who to talk to thought maybe you would know. I cant be therenbecause of my illnesses and my husband is in construction and hasnt gotten a check since nov. 11 2012. We have a lot of bills to pay so I won’t get to go to the games. Thanks Kira Santora :-) On Jan 12, 2013 3:19 PM, “Surly and Scribe’s Stanley Cup Champion L.A.

  4. He looks like the kid that found out mum & dad got a babysitter for the night and he’s deciding to cancel the party or try to get the sitter in on it too.

  5. Is he counting to 10?

  6. He’s studying the new CBA.

  7. He’s checking out his south bay black book…”now which one was the crazy bitch again…?”

  8. Excellent topic.
    If you look at where the ‘handle-bar’ section of the facial hair joins in with the neck-beard, or for this exercise– the ‘chin #2’ beard, just under the chin there is a nickel sized bald spot.

    My question is, did he ever find himself in a holding cell for the rape charges? Because I’m thinking he may have been branded in said holding cell, and hair can no longer grow back.

    By the way, my wife says thanks for coming back to multi-posts per day, I now spend less time chasing her around the house asking her to do things with my junk.

  9. Possible captions–

    “I miss Heidi Androl.”
    “I miss Simmer.”
    “Why did Heidi have to run off with Simmer?

  10. I see he keeps his balls on some kind of pedestal or stand, on the counter next to the gatorade. At first I thought they were perhaps Marty Brodeur’s, or some other Devils player’s, but then I remembereed they didn’t have any balls in the first place.

  11. I don’t see much of a chick magnet there.
    Likes NFL. No designer blah grey sweats from Ross. Lost muscle definition. No tan. Who needs combs or razors. Nothing to do in LA LA land. No women’s touch anywhere.
    Send pay checks to my agent to handle. Watching game 6. Has the look of Canadian January cabin fever. LA bars and bar chicks are danger zones and off limits. When is the pizza delivery coming? Are we having fun yet?


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