Where did the 5 and 1/2 years ago? It feels like yesterday tens of thousands of L.A. Kings fans, present company included, went “WHO?!” to the announcement that the Kings had chosen Thomas Hickey as their number 4 overall pick in the 2007 NHL draft.

“Lombardi is crazy!”
“Who the hell is this guy?”
“I wanted Alzner!”

…were all spoken around Kings country. As for me, I was trying to find Thomas Hickey in the scouting reports and it took a while.

Did we lose a former 1st round pick for nothing? Yes. Was Hickey going to crack the lineup and become the next Alec Martinez? Not if Alec Martinez had anything to say about it.

This was a poor pick and, foresight or hindsight, Dean Lombardi stepped on his dick with this one. He did however draft Martinez, King and Wayne Simmonds in the 2007 draft so let’s not be too hard on Dean.

“Where did he go?!” The Lubomir Visnovskyless New York Islanders.

“Why didn’t Dean trade him and get something in return?” Maybe he tried and there were no takers. Still though, after what he fetched for Kevin Westgarth, I would think Hickey would be worth something.

Oh yeah, we also lost Rich Clune…to Nashville I think. I liked Clune. He had a cool insanity to him.

Let me check something. Checking…hold on. Yup, we won the Stanley Cup. I am over this.

Update: I just read Quispy’s article on the Hickey waiver. I liked it. I like when Quisp writes, versus the silly title without the article body thing he does. He’s sometimes like a chick with great tits that’s wearing a burka. Come on. Take off the bee keeper outfit and make a spread sheet about the direct relationship between the rise of fake tits and the fall of Islam. How the hell did we get on this topic? Freaks.