Being A Kings Fan – Chapter 2

Well folks, its almost here, the day we’ve all been waiting for.

The banner gets raised tomorrow, but that is merely incidental. When the Kings take the ice against the Chicago Blackhawks they skate for the first time as champions. For the first time, we as fans can look to the past and smile without the hesitation of memories balanced on pillars of compromise.

“The ‘Miracle on Manchester’ was quite the exciting game!”

“We traded for Wayne Gretzky!…. And made him cry too!!!”

“The ‘Stunner at Staples’ really showed Detroit who’s boss!”

“We… We… Well, we are diehard Kings fans and that’s what matters most”

Pish tosh. The last holdouts of shiny apples in a rotten basket.

This is a whole new orchard, my friends.

“Where do we go from here?”, asks David Essex. Fuck you David, wherever the hell the icy winds take us. Perhaps to dynasty. Maybe mediocrity. They can never take us backward, never again will we not have been champions.

Being a Kings fan is forever changed. No fan born from here will be the same as any that came before. Expectations are now based on results. Our aspirations are to grind our heels more deeply into the face of history, instead of merely hoping to one day save up enough cash to buy the shoes.

Does none of this make sense to you? Good. I haven’t had a coherent thought about the Kings since June 11, 2012. I don’t even know if I’ll cheer tomorrow. I may just smile my way through the game. Perhaps I’ll cry.

There is a chance tomorrow may supersede winning the Cup in my memory. That day was a whirlwind, a fever dream. Tomorrow is measured, calculated, something I can sip on and savor, reminiscing on present moments because there is no ‘if’, there is no more ‘when’.

The Cup is ours. The banner will unfurl. From here on out, everyone who walks into Staples Center, be they there for the Kings, or as Lakers fans, or parents taking their children to see whatever new pop sensation is causing them to teeter on the edge of sucking on a tailpipe, they will bear witness to the testament of our success.

That success changes us. We are not the Kings fans we once were. Tomorrow we become the Kings fans we’ve always wanted to be. Tomorrow we are the Kings fans we’ve earned the right to be.

Consider this your game thread. Yes I know I didn’t write about the lineup, the matchup or the Blackhawks, because I don’t particularly give a shit about any of that, certainly not the Blackhawks. I’ll be surprised if I notice them at all. Tomorrow isn’t about a hockey game. It’s about us.

Enjoy tomorrow, because come Sunday tomorrow will not matter. Sunday I will only see the empty space next to the Stanley Cup Championship banner. The space where the next one will go.

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  1. I expect a dynasty, no less!

  2. Beautifully written. I have been on every kings blog this week. Even one girl, one puck. Am going crazy right now. (you gave gretzky a beer shower, haha) You said it right surly, tomorrow is about us. I’m probably just gonna stare and smile also.

  3. I am sure tomorrow it will be emotional for me, but in the way of the best kind of emotion. I will be focused on the great team and the many players that made me so proud back in June, including the amazing and unprecedented run up to June. The whole pagentry will be phenomenal for me.

    Yet, knowing myself, I will be concurrently pondering back to distant memories while living in the present. Two sides of the brain working, but one Kings fan body in the present. The two parts of my brain will be thinking of my fanship memories from the beginning in my youth and then the sight and smell of the present celebration and game.

    I know that I will be thinking of my first games at the Forum with the new Gold and Purple crew. I hate to say it, but I guess I wound up a fan since at that time I lived in relatively close proximity in Culver City and the Forum was nearby to reach, just like 15 minutes. I also hate to say it, but I could not ice skate worth a bucket of spit. I was a heck of a roller skater growing up as a kid, where in those days in the 60s you put the steel roller skates on your street shoes. We needed to have the necessary skate locking turn key hanging around our neck so as not to lose it. Heck, I even made my own skate board from a plank of wood and a set of old steel roller skates cut in half and nailed to skate board. Little did I know as a kid that some dude in later years invented and sold for milions classy factory made skateboards. I could have done that and been sipping pena coladas many years ago–dang it.

    Not only all of that kid stuff skating, but also I was glued to the T-Birds roller derby and wrestling broadcasts on TV. So, in those days, I looked at ice hockey as really neat because it kind of was a cross between the T-Birds and the pencil neck geeks wrestlers at the Oympic Auditorium. So, I was hooked on hockey in an instant and never looked back. I said to my self in 1968, now this is a real sport, with none of that faking it out antics like the roller derby and wrestlers. I would add that watch early hockey on TV was great for me, but it really sucked with the equipment and small tubes. That prompted me to frequent the games at the Fabulous Forum

    Well, what could you say about the Fabulous Forum in those days. The place was the place to be hanging out and seen, with an ultra modern design for the times, that highlighted the greatness of our country also at the time. We had some great early teams that were very entertaining and we new LA fans were not really figuring a Cup would be that much in reach, given the heavy weight players up against the early Kings. Yet, the early teams had a lot of fight and kick and ever did so close hit the jackpot, but foiled by some fluke play or lucky opponent that whiffed one in the net, or a fluke off of a skate. When the God of hockey came to play, Gordie Howe, a living legend, that guy was somebody you just wanted to see and know if at all possible. A real class act. In 1968-69–103 points! Imagine, only age 40 then!

    Tomorow, I can imagine they will have so many Kings’ former troops and some heros from the past, with our current squad of heros. It does not get better than that.

    So I will walk through the years in my mind and think about the good and bad, which on balance were still worth it to go watch whether at the Forum or on the tube, as well as later once Staples opened. We had some soap operas to endure along the way, but also many great players that were there to show some great skills and heart. We had some great coaches too at times, along with the rest of the staff. Because we live in the present, I know I will just savor and love this team no matter what. I am hooked and can’t get it out of my blood even if I tried to.

    So, I say to one and all, tomorrow will be a fabulous day. It will be a giant and unforgetable tribute to all players from yesteryear and today, as well as fans from yesteryear and today, including those that are now departed from this world. Tomorrow there will be no doubt a bunch of young kids there, whom I hope will have a fantastic thrilling time too, as the next generation of rabid King fans. That is what tomorrow is all about, a memorial to everybody that contributed to this franchise to finally win the best and greatest (most difficult) gorgeous trophy in sports.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. I cannot wait for tomorrow. It will probably be my greatest day since winning the cup. Oh, and fuck the blackhawks.

  5. I have a massive erection just thinking about our Kings finally hanging an eternal declaration of supremacy in the Staples Center tomorrow. Shit… I can’t stand up.

  6. ……..That’s right!

    • Damn, this is almost surreal! You guys, oh yeah, and hockey are back, WE WON A CHAMPIONSHIP……THE CUP!!!!!!!!! This is what I’ve been hoping for since 1978. Non-sequiters aplenty. It doesn’t matter. WE WON THE CUP!!! WE!!!! Drop the damn puck!!!!

  7. Even in a shit hole like Afghanistan, your words bring a joker like grin on my face! Whether I see a game this season or not, I will always remember we are Stanley Cup Champions! GKG!

  8. SUPER PISSED!!! I was getting prepped for the Kings opening day and noticed that my center ice package doesn’t have the game listed. I know that the game is on NBC, but I’m on the east coast right now ( I do travel nursing assignments), and out here NBC is showing Pit/Philly game. I’m getting nauseated just thinking about missing the ceremony & game. I’ve waited 26 years for this! Does anyone know how I can watch? Please help!

  9. … It’s a very special day. A long time in coming.

    I do believe the Kings came of age many years ago, but today’s the day to celebrate the Kings finally entering the Hall of Champions.

    Winning the Stanley Cup is the dream, the ultimate challenge; something that’s very elusive.

    The only next step for this team, the only challenge left remaining, is to truly become an elite team. Yes, they won a Cup … as an eighth seed. It’s been 21 years since a Kings’ team has hosted game one of a playoff series. The Kings have never been able to boast anything resembling a consistent record of success. To build and sustain a period of excellence, to always be included in a conversation about perennial Cup favorites in an age of salary cap parity is going to be incredibly difficult. I hope this organization can make that a reality.

    We have one. Was it a fluke? Only their future performance will decide that.

  10. Kings down 3 – 1 after the 1st. I think some jitters from raising the banner. 2nd and 3rd will be stronger.

  11. Can’t wait until our first game of the season on Tues! Gonna cruch CO. GKG!


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