Red Carpet, Black Banner, Memories and Momentum

When we fell down 3-0 in the first period, a thought occurred to me. Thankfully, the irony of losing 6-1 on the afternoon of our banner raising game didn’t come true.

Thankfully, we scored two goals and made an atrocious 60 minutes only awful.

Shinny hockey? No. Shitty hockey.

We’ll get to the game in a moment. Let’s talk about the pre-game.

The Stanley Cup being walked down the red carpet was cool. I had a front row seat. I was tempted to scream at the Vancouver Canucks fan who stood about 10 people north of me if she realized this was as close as she would get to the Cup but she seemed like a nice girl, her boyfriend was nearly as ugly as she was and I was in a good mood.

The crowd was also in a good mood. Inside the arena, and before the game, our fans buzzed. Of course, the 300 sections had to carry the lower level, like every other game, but you come to expect that, not just in our arena but most others.

The initial video was not new. We have seen it before on Kings Vision.

The second video was that band whose name I cannot recall…you know, “when I was…a small boy…” That one. It was basically the same video as last season but with some Cup winning photos thrown in.

Overall, L.A. Kings entertainment gets a C. They did nothing to up the ante. Not that I expected anything different. They actually exceeded expectations last season. Black Parade. That is the song. I still don’t remember the band name though. Or is that the band name?

Handing out the rings…meh. It ran long.

The Cup coming down between section 110 and 111 was unexpected. David Courtney’s voice, “ladies and gentlemen, the Stanley Cup” with that ever subtle emotional inflection sent chills through me.

The players standing in a circle around the ice and handing the Cup around was a little odd. I wondered how it looked on TV and when I came home and saw it on TV, it looked the same as the arena. Odd.

Then the banner. Oh the banner. The highlight of my day. The banner went up right in front of me and hung at eye level the entire game. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The fact a family from Sandy Hook Elementary walked the banner onto the ice did make it more special, as did the presence of Marcel Dionne and Rogie Vachon at each end of it.

Back to David Courtney, Surly and I shared one thing in common – a disappointment that the only thing David Courtney got was a moment of silence. Does he mean more to die-hard fans like Jacob and I than to the suits? I don’t know. I hope not. Perhaps it was just too difficult to fit in a few more minutes of video and a greater honor to his legacy. Perhaps they should have done it anyway. David earned that and more. From the first words Dave Joseph (Courtney’s successor) spoke to the last, everything seemed off including my equilibrium. I don’t know much about Dave Joseph but I do know that L.A. Kings games may never be the same for me. Am I being dramatic? I am being honest. I hope my perspective changes but it was like nails on a chalkboard at moments throughout.

On second thought, I won’t break down the game. The fourth goal where Dustin Brown and Mike Richards stood near center ice, didn’t take three strides toward a back check and could have prevented that goal if they had symbolized the actual game – the boys just didn’t come to play.

In many respects, I am glad we lost the home opener in this way. Immortality was starting to weigh on me. We’re fallible again. I am focused. Let’s win some fucking hockey games.

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  1. Quit bitching about Dave Joseph and give him a minute. Its his first game behind the very microphone one of his BEST FRIENDS occupied for years. You don’t think he was maybe a little nervous!? I sat next to you and loved it. You’re a little bit handsy at times, but overall quite pleasant. But give the guy a break.

  2. I think the Kings should adopt the Stoic “I don’t give a fuck, whatever”, goal celebration of Scuderi. I know why he does like that but it’s still cool.

    I really liked the play of the Fraser + Clifford + Nolan line. They battled hard all night not giving up an inch. I think the main problem tonight was just a little bit of a head in the clouds type game where the ceremony may have removed some focus. Overall, I’m not that disappointed. I think Voynov and Martinez played well, so that’s good and I saw true effort out there just maybe a little head in the clouds, like I said.


    ——Thorns “Stellar Master Elite”.

    • Plus one on the comment of the fourth line, another good thing I saw was doughty getting low and blocking some shots. Especially with Willy out it seemed like he was far more aware of his role as that explosive puck moving d man. Not saying he had a stellar game in every aspect but I really liked the effort I saw in him, six more years of that should work out alright in the long run..

  3. The track is “black parade” by my chemical romance. Thought the song lyrics fit perfectly when they played it last year.

    A few observations, our D looked like shit. We had a solid foundation last year of good D and low goals against. Once the offense kicked in it was domination in every area of the game. If the team looses its defensive mindset this year we are in trouble. Plus Mitchel’s presence was missing in a big way.

    Also quick looked really slow. Think he’s not ready for prime time yet. More practice is needed to get his Jedi reflexes back. I’d start Bernie next game.

    One good thing I noticed was Carter’s explosive speed. The guy went from skating full stride to hitting the nitrous button and flew towards the net on a few plays. Looks like he’s gonna do some damage this year.

  4. I sit at my computer after coming home and watching the pre-game and opening ceramonies again on the TV and try make sense/peace/harmony with what I witnessed today..
    What I know.. I have been witness to History and I will carry it in my heart forever and this will always bring a smile to my face. I love watching the repeat videos.. and watching the guys expressions as they got their rings and congrats from Leiweke. That is female vs male Scribe.
    But the Banner… OMG.. just goosebumps.. just tingling in your chest.. lump in your throat.. it was raised right in front of me!!! (302) .. I lost focus many times during the game I gazed at it in awe.. and wish we had had a better game to go back to watching.. if I felt that way.. I can only imagine how the guys must have felt.. and even though they said they just wanted to move forward to the new season.. I think they were somewhat caught up as well. That is the excuse I am giving them.. for today. I do have to say I did not like Martinez with Voynev and Sutter must have seen the same because that got switched. The team had a moment in the closing minutes of the second period when three lines all had good shifts and you could tell something was going to happen.. and sure enough.. goal! Fourth line our best line. Cliffy did look ready to play…
    GO KINGS GO !!!

  5. For what it’s worth, I had a feeling Chicago would win this game as soon as I heard that the Kings were opening against them. It was a pretty strong feeling too. It didn’t help that they went down two men before the game was four mins old.
    When I figure in the fact that the Kings had beaten them three or four straight games going back to last season, I can’t say that I was all that surprised. I didn’t expect em to give up five goals though. They have to get back on it and pretty quickly.
    Last thought…. it’s hard to underestimate the effect on the chemistry of the team having no Kopi and having Carter center a second line…

  6. Shitty game, but it’s just one game…hopefully Sutter gets the boys going for the next game. Also it was cool to meet Surly randomly at the game.

  7. I kinda expected this score today. Teams always love to go to spoil champion teams parties. Oh well. Reality check! Now pack your bags. The team has been with their family for over 7 months. Time to bond and rekindle the team unity.
    I know we still need to give David Joseph a chance but it did sound weird without D.C.
    Am I the only one that felt like we were at a TV game show? His voice sounds like the guy on The Price is Right. I kept waiting to hear …”and this prize package worth $22,549 can be yours…if The Price is Right”!!!!
    By the way (I hate basketball) but I was catching the last 2 minutes of the Clippers game and THE BANNER is now hanging with the other banners between the Canadian flag and West Conf Champs.
    Another thing that sucks in this short season: Who the hell do we root for? All games are within the Conference. I hate to say this but I caught the Van-Ana game and I just hoped that once the ducks took the lead that they take and win so they’re wasn’t a tie.

  8. Pull Drewiskie? Throw in Muzzlin?? I’d like to see that.
    I think the ushers stop giving a shit about who enters the ice level seats after the 1st/2nd period which is how I cruised my way down from the nosebleeds into some vacant section rows behind the glass. That was cool.

  9. Was right next to a drunk Surly the whole game. Good guy and cool talking hockey with him. Shit game. Watching the banner raise right in front of us are memories I’m sure we will cherish forever.

  10. Well, we’re back to it and I have to say, it’s nice to be able to read these updates. Since I started reading this site, Scribe’s observations on the games have always been exactly what I thought of them. Now that I’m in Japan and can’t watch or go to the games, I can read these articles and know how shit went down. Although, I would probably give Dave Joseph a few more games to catch his stride before I got down on him too hard.

    Anyway, thanks for the updates and keep the articles coming so I know what the fuck.

    • Thanks, Ben. Hope to see you at a game so we can catch up.

      • Yeah, me too but considering my current location, that may be a little difficult.

        Regardless, I just watched the highlights (if you want to call them that) and as I stated before, you hit every nail on the head in regards to how the game went. Fucking Quick, among others, looked like shit but it seemed Pens and the entire 4th line had their shit together. It’s only the first game of the season. Hopefully this road trip will help them get back to form.

  11. It’s just one game, and everybody was thrown off with the banner raising, the start time of the game, no preseason, etc. I think was Brian Engblom (owner of the worst head of hair not just in hockey but in human history) of all people on the NBC that actually said something of value. He said the Kings fourth line was the best line in the game because they play a simple game and the other lines get more creative and they will need to time to get that going. Made sense to me. Also the Voynov-Martinez pairing was horrific.

  12. Thankfully, we scored two goals and made an atrocious 60 minutes only awful.

    … The Kings didn’t play that badly. It was a pretty even game aside from the two soft goals Quick allowed. That, and the lucky break the Hawks got on the goal deflected off of Doughty’s skate. Game should have been about 3-2 and I doubt many would say the Kings played like shit if that was the final score.

    I didn’t like Gagne on the first line, but I suppose that’s something we’ll have to live with until Kopitar returns. Drewiske was awful, but that’s hardly a surprise, either. Didn’t like seeing supposed “Mr. Hard Work, Grit, and Selke defense” Mike Richards take his sweet time coming back on the Toews goal – that’s HIS man. Richards doesn’t belong on the first line, and that line was dominated all game long.

    I liked the Doughty-Scuderi pairing, which is always solid, and the Martinez-Voynov pairing. Too bad Voynov got bumped down later in the game. Penner had a really nice game. Stoll and Lewis had good games.

    It’s early. There’s a long way to go.

  13. I agree with most of your comments, Bobby, but you should have raked that Canuck fucker over the coals. Don’t get sentimental because it’s banner raising day! I also thought the media dept could have given us a new video summary of the playoff run. I think most of the people in there had seen that one 50+ times already.

  14. Muzzin should be paired with Voynov, especially because Muzzin is a stay at home d-man and his size is also another reason why he should be playing alongside Voynov.
    Quick has 2 issues to deal with: Overall confidence in his surgically fixed L5/L4. Sorry people but when you read or hear “minor” next to back surgery, that is not true! He had a herniated disc which obviously was kept mum during the 2nd half of the season, and you would never know it by they way he played.
    The surgery (microdiscectomy) involved cutting out the part of the disc that was herniated and cleaning out the space where the nerve flows so help prevent more nerve impingement. Listening to the course of treatment the doctors applied, it was the correct way to approach that decision. I am not sure if they tried the epidurals or not but lets just say they did and no real relief. You try PT first, if that isn’t giving the results expected then the conservative procedure is a microdiscectomy. I understand the Kings giving him a contract extension, but there is a sizable risk they have taken with Quick, especially at that position.
    The surgery can be either a permanent solution for Quick, or it could potentially lead to a fusion if he continues to have problems with that disc.
    I had L5/S1 operated on in 1997 after I went through the same course of treatment. Aside from a very rare complication I suffered 10 days post op, it lasted me 3 years, until I finally had to have L5/S1 fused and the disc above it L5/L4 operated on something called an IDET which is making the disc itself into hard boiled egg from a raw egg in consistency.
    I played goalie for 25+ years, along with soccer and volleyball, and after having fusion, I have had no issues other than muscle pulls since 2000.
    Game shape. Quick is not at the same level of game fitness right now, and Sutter is going to have to really manage him effectively, especially after having a lower back injury. He can’t use Quick like he did last season, he is going to have to break him in slowly otherwise he risks putting Quick in serious trouble.

    It was one game and I expected this to be the hockey we would see starting this season so late and no training camp.

    Go Kings Go!

  15. I was in section of 301, and the banner was very viewable from that area and side of the arena. But, I suppose it is not that visible in other areas of the arena, but I did not have a chance to observe from different locations to see the visibility. When I at the next game, I will try to check out how it looks from difference locations.
    I was very impressed with the painstaking and ultra quality that was put into the banner making. I had no idea about the meticulous step by step process with the high quality of material and craftsmanship. I give the Kings an “A” for the banner quality and beauty and design.
    I also enjoyed the same story basically for the Tiffany company video on the quality and beauty of the team championship ring. It is truly unique and stands out so brilliantly. Again, an A grade for the Ring.
    The family of the slain elementary school child was so touching and shook my feelings and heart that there was no way to stop some tears. I have a first grader granddaughter and it just hit me so hard about that senseless tragedy. The fact that the Kings went that far with this tribute was another “A” grade in my mind.
    Bob Miller of course is given an A+ for his MC duties. Did Miller Miller look like he is 5 years younger from what I could see? I don’t know what his secret is, but he ought to write a book about how to look and sound so relatively young for his age. He just never misses a beat and seems to become better and better each season.
    My hearing is not as good as it used to be, but it seemed to me that the audio system has been enhanced since last year. The audio system seemed to me to be more crisp and clear while deeper and more intense. Heck, maybe it is the same audio system but, it seemed to improved to me.
    I was really glad that everything worked out to be able to attend. Watching the whole pre-game business just blew me away about how fortunate the players, franchise and the greater LA area won the cup finally. I think yesterday’s ceremony finally sealed the deal in my mind and expunged those angst moments wondering did it rally happen. As of yesterday, I can fully rest and relax that yeah this all really happened and it was one of the best ever runs to any sports championships in history.

    • Reading the responces tonight I realize I failed to give my ongoing constant appreciation and affection for Bob Miller whom we are so fortunate to have with our Organization, as well as a tribute to the community of Sandy Hook.
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  16. Anyone else heard that the players were drinking tequila out of the cup the night before the game? Wouldn’t surprise me; they played like they were hung over.

    Meh, the game was what it was.


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