I Disagree with Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News.

Tom Hoffarth’s Daily News article about Gary Bettman was a tough read – not because I disagree with his ultimate conclusion that Gary Bettman should have participated in the L.A. Kings banner raising ceremony (and I do disagree with Tom)  but because he was all over the place. He was passionate though, I will give him that. Tom, if you’re reading this, thank you for writing about our hockey team. I like seeing the local media cover the Kings and I wish there was more of it. But brother, take a little more time to organize your thoughts before putting the fingers on the keyboard…do you think you came across a bit obsessed about Gary Bettman, Cartman and cheap fabric?

I won’t post any segments of the article here. You can follow the link and read it. Let me know when you get through it and your thoughts. The premise is that Gary Bettman should’ve been part of the L.A. Kings banner ceremony and participated in the festivities. Mind you, this is even though Gary Bettman has never been part of any team’s banner raising ceremony.

Aside from the loose fire hose writing style, Tom’s article comes across to me as if he preaches self-evident fact. I bet, with a little research, we would find the great majority of L.A. Kings fans will be of the opinion that Gary Bettman had no place in the banner ceremony and nobody wanted to see him. Hell, I will put up a poll in the next article.

That is because the ceremony was about the team and the fans. It was not about the NHL, the lockout or the place for insincere apologies. The “Little Man Hate”, as Tom Hoffarth referred to Gary Bettman, had no place and nothing to say during our celebration and would have been met with a chorus of boos. He would have been, at best, a distraction.

You see Tom, you don’t invite the psychotic ex-girlfriend to the wedding and you don’t serve pulled pork at a bar mitzvah. If that is the type of sadism that gets you going, respect and let’s party, but we L.A. Kings fans don’t care for piss or vinegar in our beer.

Look forward to reading more of Tom’s work. Hey, the guy got off to a rough start. So did the L.A. Kings. He’ll rebound. So will our team.


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  1. Bettman not being a part of the ceremony is the smartest thing he’s done in years. It would have taken away from the good vibe in the arena.

  2. Who cares, really? betty is a twerp and the author failed 8th grade english.

  3. I like Hoffarth’s articles, but this one is a reach. Bettman would not have “been welcomed to the party” as he put it. Bettman would have been mercilessly booed (usually one of my favorite parts of seeing him appear at any rink) but it was the right choice for him to stay away. Bobby you are right, the article is all over the place and he did need to wait a beat or two before writing. It was a day game so I’m sure he had plenty of time before his deadline. Plus, who cares how much the replica banners cost. People will buy them, just like the watches on the Kings’ official site with that stupid countdown clock that never did work.

  4. Hoffarth is the dude that also tried to protect the biased (against the Kings) coverage of the NBC announcers last year…. Funny about this dude Hoffarth. At times he seems to be a pretty good writer (or at least he used to be)…. But the past year or so, I’ve been disagreeing with him more and more… And saying that Bettman should have been there? Kind of proves this guy doesn’t know much about hockey……Straight up.

  5. It made my day that Dr. Evil was omitted from yesterday’s ceremony. Smart moves by the Kings to figure out a way to keep him back east.

  6. HuskerinLA you nailed it. I remember reading that garbage from Hoffarth backing up those incompetent tools from NBC and thinking to myself, “Another misplaced hack with zero cred trying to write about the Kings”. This team deserves better beat writers!! I love Helene but she’s gettin up there.. :-(


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