The L.A. Kings Have to Get in On the Scott Gomez Signing Negotiations

The San Jose Sharks are interested. Rumor has it even the Anaheim Ducks and Vancouver Canucks have put their slimy hands on the phone and made calls.

The L.A. Kings have to get in on this.

Scott Gomez is the definition of underachiever if you judge his career since the late New York Rangers years and through his time with Montreal. We are talking about a guy who was being paid a gazillion dollars to not play. He went zero for a season or something like that without a goal, even while playing.

It’s perfect.

I could not come up with a better set of circumstances for Dean Lombardi to pick up the phone and get Scott Gomez and his agent down here to talk. Oh God, I hope it’s Don Meehan.

The negotiations would take a week, maybe two, tops.

Can you imagine how awesome it would be?

Scott Gomez…


No, not as an L.A. King, you idiot. I want Lombardi to get involved in the negotiations so he can drive up the price. Next thing you know San Jose will sign him to 6 years at $48 million and we will have years of good cheer to piss in their direction.

Fuck it, I am starting a rumor.

Do it Dean!

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10 replies

  1. I secretly (I guess not so secretly anymore) believe that the Sharks and the Ducks are both in to drive the price up on each other and that, ultimately, both will realize that neither of them actually want to sign Gomez, and Gomez will be fucked. And by fucked I mean paid millions of dollars by the Montreal Canadiens to not play hockey.

  2. He is traveling with SJ. I think the deal is about done.

  3. he was a great player with new jersey. then he got his huge deal n went down hill shortly after arriving in New York. id like to see him not play in california. if on the kings, he’ll be shitty… if on the ducks/sharks, he’ll find his old form n be great again.

  4. Nobody is dumb enough to sign him for anything besides 500k – 800k. Your plan would do no good but good thinking ahead though. I wouldn’t mind the Kings giving him a 1 year 800k, 2 way contract.

  5. LMFAO
    Love the idea.
    We should also trade rumor Brown some more, just to fuck with the rest of the League.


  6. When I first started reading this article I thought you had lost your marbles. No! Scratch that. I thought you had traded them in for benwa balls and they were now lodged deep in your ass. Fell for it hook, line and sinker…..asshole ;-) .

  7. Doesn’t he get the buyout money regardless? He’s not going to sign for very much, Montreal is picking up the rest of the tab.

  8. Anthony Stewart already placed on waivers.

  9. Holy shit!!! Matt Greene out for season with back injury. Why must the Hockey Gods do this to us?!


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