Poll – Should Gary Bettman Have Participated in the L.A. Kings Banner Raising Ceremony

Poll time, kids.

Bonus Poll!

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  1. My question is why did we pretend we had just won The Cup a few minutes earlier and pass it around again? Empty gesture. raising the banner was what we wanted and got. The Cup Carousel was meaningless and in my view, the reason for the flat performce.

    • I was okay with that spectacle only because on the winning night, they took away most of the ice for carpet…. the boys basically got to skate in around a circle not even a half of the ice. At least the cup did make the rounds of the Staples Center ice.

    • re: My question is why did we pretend we had just won The Cup a few minutes earlier and pass it around again?

      the second i saw them passing the cup around, i yelled some expletives at the screen. the time for that was june 11th through jan 18th.

    • I re-watched the pregame festivities again earlier tonight and I was reminded just how uncomfortable I was with the Cup being on the ice before that game. You said it best, Matt. There is a time and place for handling the Mug, and it’s not right before the puck drops on opening day. At best, you distract yourself from the task at hand, and at worst, you anger the Hockey Gods. Either way, it’s a bad move. Lets put the banner in the rafters and get down to business. It’s not 2012 anymore.

  2. The LA Kings, Marcel Dionne, Rogie Vachon, Bob Miller, Sandy Hook victims, and…Gary Bettman?…Fuck that.

  3. I didn’t answer the second poll because what I would have done is just sit there and not give a fuck. I won’t even waste the slightest, minute amount of energy booing that snivelling punk. Hate his fucking ass. Go Kings!

  4. Yes, he should have participated, and here’s how:

    1.) Luc literally drags him out onto the center of the ice.
    2.) He stands there, without saying a word, while everyone boos the shit out of him. We were too excited the night of Game 6 to boo him properly, so now we can all get it out of our system
    3.) After twenty seconds, Luc drags him off in a wheelbarrow.


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