So Saturday we saw the championship banner raised, but we were deprived of seeing our first Kings hockey game. We saw something, I just wouldn’t really call it hockey. I could call it several things… hilarious, depressing, spastic, but it didn’t qualify as hockey anymore than several sweaty men dry humping each other qualifies as football.

And that’s OK (not the dry humping, either take off the pads linebackers and go at it or stay home, I say). I’m over it, don’t care.

Tonight I care.

The road is where the Kings need to be to start this abbreviated season. They won the cup based largely off dominant performance away from Staples. The road is where we will hit our stride and coalesce as a cohesive team once more.

What can I say about Colorado? Nothing, really. If you want some vague information about the other team, I hear the LA Kings are smearing copyright violations all over their website courtesy of The Royal Half these days (in all seriousness, how cool is that? Love to see the Kings give us bloggers some credibility and exposure).

I’ll be watching late on DVR, so use this thread to rant, rave, rejoice, bemoan, whatever the hell it is you do when I’m not around.

/quality reporting


I just saw the news that Matt Greene is out, potentially for the season, with a back injury. So… Fuck. We’ll discuss and digest this fully tomorrow. On the bright side, sounds like Kopitar will be playing. So… Yay?