The Disappointment Stupidity Brings

I spent the day idly going about my business at work. Wrote a quick article during a break.

Got off at 6:30pm. Exercised. Came home, took a nice shower. Made a salad and some tea because I’m not quite ready to drink again considering the hangover I had yesterday from what ended up being essentially a 14-hour marathon of beer with a quick nap in between on Saturday.

I was feeling good.

I was excited.

I thought there was a Kings game on tonight.

About 20 minutes ago I finally sat down and turned on the TV. When I looked on the DVR to see that the only thing that recorded today was that abomination of a show ‘Bunheads’ my goofy woman watches, I was pissed. The game didn’t record! Anger flared, I said some things my mother wouldn’t be proud of, then, ready to punch a hole in the cat, I suddenly remembered the Kings game is tomorrow.

I’d spent the entire day looking forward to watching the game tonight. What did I do to deserve such disappointment? Ah yes, stupidity.

Shame followed. Scribe laughed. Maybe I’ll punch a hole through him instead. The cat’s not going anywhere.

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  1. Don’t feel too bad, since the worse situation is to plan for a game to watch when it is really the preceding day. So then missing it. At least now, nothing has been missed.

    NBC gave Kings viewers the shaft at the end of the Saturday broadcast by switching to the Philly game. Can Congress please pass a law stopping these TV network autocrats from switching games!

  2. I blame you, then.

    I read that same article during MY break about how you were DVR’ing the game tonight, and sent me searching frantically through the TV listings on my phone to try and somehow get the game recorded on My DVR at home. When I couldn’t find it, I damn near threw my phone down the hallway.

    No matter. I watched the Ducks game instead. It ruined my evening.

  3. You stupid, stupid, stupid fuck. (Said lovingly and with a roten Joe Pesci imitation…)

    Just think of yourself as being “ahead of the game.” That’s usually a good thing. Usually.

  4. I think you should punch a hole through the cat NOW! Why wait….do the right thing.

  5. C’mon! If you’re hung over, you drink immediately what you drank the night before, plus liberal amounts of water. I haven’t suffered a hangover in three decades with this method. Get with the program.


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