I spent the day idly going about my business at work. Wrote a quick article during a break.

Got off at 6:30pm. Exercised. Came home, took a nice shower. Made a salad and some tea because I’m not quite ready to drink again considering the hangover I had yesterday from what ended up being essentially a 14-hour marathon of beer with a quick nap in between on Saturday.

I was feeling good.

I was excited.

I thought there was a Kings game on tonight.

About 20 minutes ago I finally sat down and turned on the TV. When I looked on the DVR to see that the only thing that recorded today was that abomination of a show ‘Bunheads’ my goofy woman watches, I was pissed. The game didn’t record! Anger flared, I said some things my mother wouldn’t be proud of, then, ready to punch a hole in the cat, I suddenly remembered the Kings game is tomorrow.

I’d spent the entire day looking forward to watching the game tonight. What did I do to deserve such disappointment? Ah yes, stupidity.

Shame followed. Scribe laughed. Maybe I’ll punch a hole through him instead. The cat’s not going anywhere.