Excuses, Excuses, Excuses…Kings Lose 3-1

Matt Greene is out.

Willie Mitchell is out.

It’s Anze Kopitar’s first game back…

Did I miss any?

We’re 0-2 in a 1/2 season, which means we are 0-4 if this was a regular season (see what I did there?) and while neither 0-2 or 0-4 are reasons to hit the PANIC button, it is cause for concern…or at least a FUCK before you forget this game and move on to Thursday against the Edmonton Oilers.

Some of this game was just bad luck. The first and third goals were absurd bounces that resembled something out of a racquetball game. But what the Kings failed to do in the third period is something they did last season after Darryl Sutter took over and that is to not only shut down the opposing team after getting a lead but keep up their forecheck and maintain puck possession in the offensive zone. Then again…

Matt Greene is out.

Willie Mitchell is out.

And this was Anze Kopitar’s first game back.


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  1. Lol, this reminds of last season where the kings could only muster 1-2 goals a game..

  2. Just want the w’s.

  3. I was at Pepsi center and they stopped being aggressive mid 2nd period

  4. I’m concerned. Teams aren’t going to roll over just because the Kings line up. That seems to be the attitude.
    That said, Muzzin looked good.

  5. We have to be realistic that with the long lay off and all of the excitement, they are not yet ready and organized to go. Too many distractions. Hate to say it, it may take another game or two for them to be more battle ready and assert themselves.

  6. The team that played all of the first period, and most of the second, was dominating the Avs, so excuses aside, what the hell happened?!?!

    • Dominating without finishing on the Powerplay! When you get that many man advantages and don’t bury any of them, you are not going to win plain and simple!

  7. They played a much better game compared to Saturday. Varlamov had a solid game as well.

    Only our 3rd/4th liners have scored so far, correct?

    I think Carter and Richards were too busy bangin’ broads to work on their scoring game the last handful of months. They’ve got to get rid of their “sex legs” to get back into game strength.

    They’ll come around.

    Although, after the Sharks Boogie Night’ed the Oilers last night, they’ll come ready to play.

    • Carter actually has a girlfriend. Not saying he isn’t banging some side action, but she’s pretty hot. Could explain his slow start. She probably drained him over the summer.

    • Carter has had a steady girlfriend since before his trade from Phlly, she’s from Philly and they bought a house in Manhatten Beach in August. Richards has had one longer than that, almost 2 years now, a fourth year medical resident from his home town. She’s been to LA on and off since he bought a house here. They bangin’ broads’ things is old and stale and not relevant, hasn’t been in years..

      • Deirdre…can you give me a rundown of all the personal lives of the players? Who they are dating (and/or married to), where they’re from, what their careers are….any info possible. I don’t want a simple joke to ever be mistaken, or taken out of context again. Please, if you could get this research to me ASAP, I’d be forever grateful…but my guess is you may know all of this already.

        (from a literal standpoint, if they have girlfriends, they have indeed been bangin a broad…ergo, sex legs)

        • I must know all of this too, I watch TMZ everyday, and of course it is my internet homepage; but they don’t give me the info. I NEED TO KNOW!!!! Who the players fuck is paramount to how they play. I cactually only watch hockey so that when I talk about who they are banging it gives it context. Please, please Deirdre let me know this all important information.

  8. … They played a good game. The scoring chances were pretty equal at even strength. The power play looked better; if not for a broken stick and a post, things might have worked out differently.

    Drewiske played a lot better last night. Quick played better, although he over-committed on the last goal he allowed. Clifford had a nice game. Nolan played pretty well. It’d be nice to get anything out of Williams, Carter, and Richards in the early going. Penner backed up his nice first game with a poor second game.

    Teams have their games against the Kings marked on their calendars. There isn’t going to be any easy ones. Still 46 to go.

  9. Not one PP Goal to start the season…maybe we should bring Kompen back.

  10. They played as I expected, given that 5 days of practice does not equate 3 weeks of training camp and preseason games. You can’t replicate that when you haven’t played in 7 mos. It takes a few games. They were better in gamd 2 than game 1 and wlll be better in game 3 and 4. This is the same team that won a Cup and the same coach who won’t take shit from them. The only coach in the NHL who coached a team in the last shortened season, he knows how to work them.
    And good for Cliffy, his hard word and hustle paid off, he got moved up (rightfully so) to the 2nd line today:

    Jim Fox‏@JimFox19
    #LAKings lines practice EDM 23-11-14/13-10-77 then four skaters 12-15-24-71/25-74-28-22//7-8/27-26/6-44/33-47 only line not adjusted 11’s

    Remember when King and Nolan came up last year and were put on Richards line? Good things happened…goals happened…

  11. It’s going to be very turf with those two guys out. I think they were saying that the Kings have an overall losing record without Mitchell. Quick looks human all of the sudden.

    I’m not panicking just yet but I’m preparing for the worst. Scoring goals problem might rear its ugly head yet again.


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