3 and 7 = History Sucks. Hangovers / 2 Polls

That’s the Boston Bruins’ record last season for the month of October. One of their wins was in a shootout. They lost 3 out of their first 4 games.

They then went on a tear the following month…and you know the rest.

While I still blame Surly for last night’s loss, looking back at team records after a Stanley Cup victory does lend credence to the hangover theory.

I got 2 polls.


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  1. I like these multiple guess quizzes. I think they are all true to some degree. The boys could use a strict and rugged boot camp with a hard ass DI that has them march in synch and sing perfectly “I love LA”.
    What irks me the most, is that the boys remind me of N.J.—I can barely watch them.

    However, no way do I give up the ship. Embarrassment and remorse is the best medicine for them, so that they will fly straight and kick butt with a string of wins.

    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. I just want to win a fucking game.

  3. Hmmm, is it possible that we played way over our heads for a few months at the end of the season and just aren’t a great team? Without the incredible run for those last few months there is very little evidence over the past 3+ seasons that we have a championship team. (Just try and overlook that little run we had last year when we went 16 and 4)
    I hate to sound so negative after only 3 losses but the pains of last years regular season is more vivid than that little run we had. Last season did we give up 3 goals in the third period? How many times did we give up 5 goals? How many times did we give up the game tying goal in the last 5 seconds and then the game winner in OT? We have achieved these 3 feats in 3 games this season.
    Oh, and what are we 0’fer 20 on the PP already!!!!!
    Yea, I am pissed off!

  4. I vote “no” to wether or not we played over our heads for a couple of months.

  5. … Answer to question 1: Jonathan Quick has carried the Kings to this winless record on his back. Because hey that’s what they always say when teams are winning, right? Guess it’s gotta work both ways.

    Answer to question 2: Herpes.

    • JT did quick fuck your woman or something? This insane hatred for Quick that you have is baseless…you are the only one who doesnt agree about how awesome he is. Theres a reason you never became a professional hockey analyst, and that reason is the same. for why people keep scrolling when they see a post of yours on here…..its because your analysis sucks.

      • JT did quick fuck your woman or something?

        … Nope, he sure didn’t!

        This insane hatred for Quick that you have

        … I don’t have any hatred for Quick, at all. I like him. None of this has anything to do with Quick as a person or as a goalie. As far as I know, he’s a great guy, a family man, he gives 100%, and his teammates love him. Pretty much a model citizen. And, he played generally great last season.

        No, this is more about Quick’s bandwagon – what was it I called it? The Church of Quick. Those are the ones I take issue with.

        you are the only one who doesnt agree about how awesome he is

        … I’m certainly not the only one, but this isn’t even about that. I find it interesting that in a lighthearted article with lighthearted comments, where it’s totally A-OK to pile on any player on the Kings – yet, here you are throwing a little bitch fit because I dared to make your hero, Jonathan Quick, the butt of a joke. Guess everyone’s fair game but him, huh? That’s part of the issue I have with the Church of Quick. He’s above everything; criticism, even joking.

        Theres a reason you never became a professional hockey analyst

        … Yep. You’re right. There is a reason. I’m not dumb enough.

        for why people keep scrolling when they see a post of yours on here

        … “People”? Pretty sad you don’t have enough confidence to speak for yourself, isn’t it? So, you have to include “people”, as if you speak for anyone else – which you don’t, of course.

        I write what I’m interested in, and if people don’t read it or don’t like it or don’t want to respond to it, no skin off me. Quite a few people respond to me without even reading what I had to say. That’s annoying, but it’s OK, too. And, like you’ve done, some come on here to cry about what I post. Again, it’s fine. I accept everyone!

  6. What did you expect to happen?

    The team barely qualified for 8th in the west. If you think back to the 1st round, we were hopeful to beat Van, considering the lack of clutch playoff performances by Quick. Needless to say, we won the cup and everything Is now in the history books.

    This team was good for 8th last year on a full season.

    Unfortunately despite winning the cup, Lombardi failed to land the big fish and failed to get rid of Penner.

    • The team missed qualifying for the #3 seed by one win. Do you even follow this team!!! Quick was nothing but clutch, he was so clutch HE WON THE CONN SMYTHE!!! We didn’t need to add anyone in free agency, other than maybe some depth on the blueline. But who was really out there who would sign as a 7th d-man but had top-4 talent? NOBODY! Oh wait, I just got it, your entire post was sarcasm! Also, Bobby “3 & 7;” can’t help but have Queens of the StoneAge in my head for the rest of the day, which is AWESOME!


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