Phoenix Coyotes Remain L.A.’s Bitch. Kings Win 4-2.

From Merriam-Webster:

The female of a dog or other carnivorous animal

A malicious, spiteful or overbearing woman.

Something that is extremely difficult, objectionable or unpleasant

Fits like a glove, doesn’t it? The Coyotes players and fan base should wear the title like a badge of honor. They have earned it.

Some of the emotions and feel of tonight’s game brought back memories of last season’s Western Conference Finals. We controlled most of the minutes, the Coyotes had their moments and Jason LaBarbera was in true form. Enough about the dogs.

Davis Drewiske and Jake Muzzin were solid. Proud of them both. Jake got his first goal which I am sure got Judy Muzzin to jump up and down and let out a fuck yeah in Woodstock, Ontario. While Davis doesn’t have Greene’s physical edge, he played smart and within his skill-set.

Anze finally broke through with two goals, the first being a beauty. Williams and Brownie…work in progress.

Mike Richards gets props for dropping the gloves against a much bigger bitch in Shane Doan and, unfortunately, that’s all I got on Richards. I miss Mike Richards.

Quick was good, made a couple of big saves but I want that second goal against him back. He was still on his pads, even though the puck was nowhere near him and getting beat low and to the long side is an odd one for him to give up.

The 5 on 4 PK was outstanding. The powerplay, including the two man advantage, was maddening. We spend so much time looking for the perfect play or open lane. There is no creativity. No formations set up for the low-release (a high percentage play). The one timer attempts are all above the circle and, unfortunately, all very predictable. The puck isn’t carried low enough, shot close enough between the dots and each pass from a D to a forward and back is telegraphed. Fortunately, unlike last season, we no longer struggle with the zone entries. Sutter’s forechecking system has fixed that. What isn’t fixed is the rest of it. I would like to see Kopitar, Carter and Clifford on the first powerplay unit with Doughty and Voynov at the point. The second unit should be Stoll, Brown and Gagne with Richards and Martinez.

Fuck it, we won.

Let’s dance

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  1. Give Richards a few props. He was better tonight than he has been and he did some good work along the boards leading up to Muzzin’s goal. I didn’t think any Kings played poorly tonight. Williams was buzzing. Maybe Lewis was a little whatever.

    • Richards showed some life which is encouraging. Williams looked good. Carter looked good. Kopitar is getting his stride back. Doughty looked good. Muzzin looked good. Scuderi looked drunk.

      Brown needs one massive kick in the nuts.

    • Definitely give Richards props for recognizing that someone needed to defend Brown cause they were running him, and he knew that the way he’s playing, we wouldn’t miss him as much as the bitches missed Doan. Smart, take one for the team type decision.

  2. Okay, first off: Slipknot sucks dude! You should’ve went with this:

    Now that I’ve un-poseured you Im just going to say the Kings were a little lucky tonight. A couple of disallowed goals and unmotivated play out there. They can’t continue like this. Sutter better light that fire or else.

    I hope Bernier gets the start next game. Quick needs a break. He doesn’t seem like he’s the same goalie.

    I was scared for Cliff. Wasn’t it Chipchura who sent him to Star Land when Chipchura was playing for the Quacks?, or somebody else. Kids going bald already. Did you see that massive bald spot? What is he, about 21 or 22? Sad.

    I hope for peace in Syria. Thank You.

    • I don’t care how you feel about Slipknot (I personally am ambivalent about them), you have to admit that video is pretty kickass.

      Props to Muzzin for lighting his fire, Clifford for preserving his fire, and Kopi for rediscovering his fire.

    • Who cares about the guy’s dome?

      • Well, if it leads to lower self-esteem and more time at the hair club for men it may affect his game and may not make it to practice in time. Coaches need to know all the intracasies of the game.

        • Well, if it leads to lower self-esteem and more time at the hair club for men it may affect his game and may not make it to practice in time.

          … What in the everloving fuck does this even mean? Are you a real person, or a shitpost bot?

          Intricacies, indeed.

  3. Team was looking much better. They were getting right on top of the guy receiving the pass, closing gaps. That’s the way they were playing last playoffs, tenacious puck possesion game. Much better team D tonight. Quick is getting back in the zone. Carter looks good. Gotta hand it to Richards he’ll fight anybody it seems. Last year Hanzel and now Doan. Both much stronger and bigger in the case of hanzel than him. Who cares if he lost both, he’s got balls and doesnt take any shit. Stood up for Brown there. Now if he could just get some offense going.

  4. Where’s all the Kings fans who jumped ship the last 2 games? That’s where the real bitch is hiding. :-P

  5. They looked much better and the cob webs are being overcome. They and we needed that win. Maybe their juices were more pumping as they squared off with a team played in the playoffs last year, a Pac Div. rival anyway. Now that the monkey is off their back, they can keep working on recapturing the formula from last year. If they execute that same chemistry from last April to June, then they will be awesome and tough to beat.

  6. 2 pts. Just smile and waive boys. It’s the 2 points they went to the desert for and it’s the two points they got. Still need to put in that full 20 and yes I still need a bit more from the center with the plaid ball cap than a turtle dance against Doan. Sure he stepped up but he sat down in a hurry. Besides the last time he stepped for a guy he got his bell rung a bit and wasn’t the same for a few weeks. I love the guy but, I’m not sure the aliens are done probing him thus he hasn’t been fully returned to us. Having Gags floating through the lineup is genius though. Would like to see him on the PP more. Overall I think the boys are coming around. I expect a run of full 60’s coming in short order. Take 2 they’re small.

    PS Dwight’s face scares me. It’s like Nosferatu, Dwayne “The Rock” and Captain Spalding all had a baby.


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