Dustin Penner’s Novella

Courtesy of Dustin Penner…not making this up, he posted this. Surly and I have the movie rights. I am directing.

Dustin Penner story tweet about Alec Martinez

Maybe it will make sense on the second reading?

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  1. Can I have some of what your smoking?

  2. Well, I say Ryback picked the right pad to visit to make a strong impression with a dump. If one plays like shit then one must receive it back in return. Being scratched is not enough either.

  3. I liked his last goal against the Coyotes. The one that sent them bitching and whining to anyone in sight.

  4. Some people took too many mushrooms during the lockout! First, sucking dick, now fecophelia? If we’re not gonna talk about hockey, let’s at least talk about something interesting. Perhaps deep, pink, warm, dripping (slightly low tidal) pussy. But hockey would be better. Thank you. Go Kings.


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