Kings Finger Vancouver on Ring Night, Beat Canucks 3-2 in a Shootout.

I haven’t yet read Jacob’s pregame. He told me he predicted a Vancouver Canucks victory. I know, I know, what the fuck is wrong with him, right? He gets one final score right against the Edmonton Oilers and the Surly one thinks he is Nostradamus. Except Jacob sucks at it.

Maybe tonight’s victory against the Nucks will get Jacob to stop predicting losses and get back to what he is good at…references to female body parts weaved into dynamic prose.

How about this fucking team?

If Roberto Luongo was not sharp tonight, the Kings would have won this game by 3 to 4 goals. As it was, we damn near lost it despite outplaying Vancouver for the majority of the game and sustaining a lot of offensive zone time and pressure.

Thank the Hockey Gods for Jeff Carter.

It is so damn nice to have a true sniper.

As for Mike Richards, well, if you can’t say anything nice…

Incidentally, Alex Edler and Zack Kassian in the shootout? I am surprised, even in the shootout, Edler didn’t find a way to commit a turnover and cause the Kings to go the other way on a breakaway. And what the hell was Burrows doing on his shootout attempt? Would that have even counted if it went in? He stopped and skated backward before he shot it…the hell with them all.

The rings! Ah yes, the rings. For those who have not seen them, this is the ring the L.A. Kings gave away to every person in attendance. It’s metal…may be nickel.

LA Kings fan giveaway Stanley Cup ring

Pretty cool, right?

I have no damn idea why they handed them to Vancouver fans. Makes no sense. Unless it was to rub it in and make them cry. If that really was the motivation, then bravo. Somehow, I don’t think the Kings front office or marketing staff is that clever or thinks that far ahead.

I am a happy Scribe tonight. Beating the Vancouver Canucks is like banging your mortal enemy’s hot girl…twice…before she brings her younger sister for another go around.

My voice is hoarse and since I am not actually writing this article but speaking it into my phone, I will now bid you farewell.

Go Mother Sutting Kings!

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  1. They’re a bunch of cafucks

  2. I Love kopi, but did he really deserve the 1st star? I thought he was pretty quiet most of the night and Carter was buzzing around causing trouble most of the night. Carter shoulda got it. I watched the game with my Nigerian immigrant friend who loves soccer and now hockey. He calls Kopi “Koko-tar” and keeps saying “the Kings have to get the ball!” Haha!!! Great game!

  3. Luongo earned his second star for that game. He was lights out brilliant behind a Vancouver team that looked lost most of the time. We were killing it in the offensive zone and not getting anything to show for it. Two years ago with Terry Murray as a head coach this team would have packed it in after the second goal. Not this year though. Not with Darryl Sutter. This team kept fighting, kept battling, and never gave up despite how much Luongo tried to carry Vancouver on his back. Surly said we needed an honest loss before the team kicks it into gear and start playing good hockey. I think we just needed an honest win – and we got it last night.

    Copy and pasting my thoughts from the game over on the insider:

    – Carter is playing on a whole other level from last year.
    – Muzzin is showing great hockey instincts and appears more comfortable with each game.
    – Scuderi is still shaky at times but his stickwork in the defensive zone was as good as ever. He even pinched in the offensive zone a few times.
    – I love Kopi, but Carter should have had the first star over him.
    – Great fight in the team from start to finish tonight. No signs of quitting after those goals against.
    – Where will Clifford and Gagne end up next game? Cliffy played a solid game, but Simone is starting to make a case why he should be in the top 6.
    – Nothing stood out about Drewiske tonight. Thats actually a good thing as it means he is playing a solid game.
    – Unless Muzzin shits the bed, he stays and Drewiske gets scratched when Mitchell comes back.

  4. Is it me or, has Doughty taken another rather large step forward. He’s playing a solid blend of knuckle head and savant defense. He’s engaged in all zones and he’s making more good decisions than not. Sure he made an all or nothing shoe string poke check (preceded by a strong stick check) that Could have spelled disaster for our defending SC Champs but, he made the play. I really like his game right now. Gags looks like he’s about to start having a whole lot more fun here real quick. Brownie may need to spend some time with Stolly and I think Pens should get a look over Kinger for a game or two. Not sure I’d like to see wholesale line shuffling to start the 3rd like that on a regular basis but, 2pts! Save for the opener, we’ve seen extended periods of the 16-4 gang. With a healthy Greener and Willie, we ‘re likely sitting at 4-1 (3-1-1 at worst) and picking the skin of the east coast bias out of our zippers.

    • Yeah I have also noticed Doughnuts maturity rise. I haven’t been worried about him at all, aside from some penalties. He does have a reckless manor, but I think he’s closer and closer to realizing when that’s needed and when it’s a plain bad idea.

  5. What a great game. The defense looks really good. Doughty is stepping up to another level and I am becoming more and more impressed by Alec Martinez. I just wish his slapper would hit the net. Jeff Carter played a great offensive and physical game. Their forechecking to me was aggressive. Bobby what do they play a 1-2 system? Best part is I bought the replica ring for $10 from a colleague before he he realized how nice it was.

  6. Dude! Why the FUCK did they not beat the SHIT out of tucking Burrows man? I fucking sat patiently all off season and lockout knowing for sure somebody will take out Burrows fucking ass for what he did to Kopi. But alas, they decided it was best to play peacemaker. When will the Burrows revenge hit come? I’m going to have to write a letter to Darryl for this lack of justice.

    I love it when Voynov scores.
    I had spaghetti and a baked potato for dinner and it tasted like shit!!!!!

    • I think our Kings do a great job of not holding grudges, or at least not acting on them. That kind of play is what gets you in trouble. Look at our cup run. Our players (for the most part) kept calm, and let the other teams get frustrated and want revenge. Look where it got them. I LOVED seeing Vancouver get all pissed off and make major mistakes. Being calm and collected in the face of adversity gains you a lot more than letting your blood boil and looking for revenge. It also pisses off the other team to the point of making mistakes.

      That said, I, of course, love to see some timely revenge. There are just more important things. Most of the time.

  7. Dustin Brown needs to wake the fuck up!!!!

  8. Great game for the simple fact that the team looked more similar to March2012-June2012 Kings vs. whatever the fuck I was watching in games 1-4 this season. I know Richards is still getting hate, but he actually played with a faint pulse. It was encouraging.

    Brown still needs the massive nut kick though. He can be so much better.

    • Am I alone noticing Brown typically is not a dominate force when everyone is awake/awakening, he seems to be the guy to start the offensive fire up, but didn’t start it this time, I think he will fire soon though, same with Richards; they have waves of ups and downs. Not to say he will pull a Penner (old penner style might be a better analogy) and only shine when it matters, but that they both Brown and Richards are on a more assitive role right now.

      I guess I am saying, I would rather have everyone firing at different times, vs firing all at the same time, then lulling all at the same time. Everyone cannot fire 100% all the time, everyone has an off streak somewhere and somehow.

      I am just seeing the positive and trying to keep it that way.

  9. Ok. Gatta share this with you guys: Yes I’ve become a Kings fan through living here for 12 years and working at Staples for six. But before that I was a ‘sic’ Nordiques fan with all the baggage that comes with that. Now tonight I decided, through random acts of nothing else to do, to watch an old Canadiens vs Nordiques game on youtube. Holy shit!! What a weird feeling. The Kings could learn a thing or two from those old Nordiques offensively. I mean they were all offense and yes, that’s why they couldn’t get very far in the playoffs until they were moved to Colorado and got Patrick Roy and won it that very year and that sucks.
    But I digress; take a look at this video. It’s weird, yes. The rules are different: defencemen can freeze the puck for one! No two line pass is another. But man!, the dynamic play and the sheer guts of it. Wow! Maybe I’m just being romantic, but I think I’m right in saying that our boys had that through the playoffs and none of the other (i’m so concered with my multi-million dollar contract) teams had. And they were baffled. The Kings played like a team with purpose and they still do! A few hiccups to start the season, yes. But The Kings are more of a team than any other team in this bullshit, beloved league. That’s what I think.
    Enjoy kids:

    oh and for shear entertainment and historic knowledge of hockey watch this too..

  10. And by shear I meant sheer…


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