Geography Be Damned – Kings vs Predators

Busy day so I need to make this quick.

There once was a team from Nantucket,
Whose fan base you could fit in a bucket
Their gold was our pewter
So they lost Ryan Suter
And that’s when Shea Weber said “Fuck it.”

Prediction for the game… Kings will only score one goal.

Kings will win.


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  1. I’m calling 3-1 gagne Williams and Martinez will score.

  2. Kings win 4-3. Carter gets a hat trick and Brown will be minus-3

  3. Richards shows up tonight. Brown will take 3 more games to show up.

    Kings win 3-1, Richards, Carter, Kopitar. Legwand scores for Nashville, and Quick gets so angry that he makes Legwands’ head explode using only his mind.

  4. So your prediction can mean either an intensively boring game or one that keeps us on the edge of our Staples center seats. Please make it the second….

  5. I’ve got a guy here in the shop named Ramon’ who looks eerily like Simone. If Simone were a 5’6″ hispanic gentleman. Ramon’ crushed it today. I’m taking this a good omen. Gags gets a goal and an assist. Nolan has a strong game. Brown continues to “improve”. Carter’s wheels stay greased and Richards benefits from his efforts. Kings win 3-1 GKG

  6. Kings win 5-2. 2 pts for Richards and 2 for Carter. Brown gets a goal. Quick lets in two shitters.

  7. Clifford blasts Rinne back to Finland, then Brown gets a 2nd. Kings 2-1.

  8. There once were two fans from L.A.
    One was Surly the other was Gay (happy)
    They both wrote a blog
    And smoked a lot of bong
    Then went to 7/11 for some munchies


  9. That’s me above, aka zyklonne, aka CV.

  10. Anyone have the frigging web site address to get the Kings Replica Championship Ring, I keep frigging missing it when they flash it on the screen. And here in Illinois its not an easy find. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  11. I’m DVR’ing this game for the nights I can’t fall asleep.

  12. Legwand skates like a girl. The goalie is named for a shity bird that scavengers at dumps. how did we lose. Kings dominated this game. im not ready to watch any more of this shit.

  13. There was a man named surly whose hair made him look kind of girly (not really). Hey the fuck you say said the man in black. You all can suck my sweet hairy nutsack. Fuck nashville, san jose, anaheim too. Come squeeze my cock hiller and I will cover you with goo. Can’t wait till Saturday when my kings kill the ducks. Good morning to all you crazy king loving fucks. Go kings go!


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