UPDATE 2/5/13: THERE ARE NO MORE RINGS. I have emailed those we can send one to, so please, if you are just finding this post now, do not email me. Sorry we could not give one to everyone, but there are a lot of you! And you (almost) all deserve one! I am still getting to replying to everyone, which I promised I would individually. Thanks for all your emails and kind words about the site.


I’m not sure if this is a moot point for those kicking tires on this site, but I’ve noticed that people are snatching up the replica Cup rings the Kings gave out on Monday on eBay for $60-$90 left and right. As has already been noted, these little things are substantial, gnarly pieces of jewelry and a fine Kings keepsake. Team LA was as packed as I’ve ever seen it after the game on Monday and again last night as it seemed nearly everyone had to have an extra for $25. I believe team LA has sold out twice and is not guaranteeing they will be making anymore.

It would also appear that the Kings are not selling these online, hence why I imagine people out of town/state/country are eager to pay a premium for these beauties on eBay.

Loyal Kings fans shouldn’t be getting ripped off. Living close enough to downtown to walk into Team LA isn’t a privilege and those who don’t shouldn’t be gouged.

So, Bobby and I bought some extras to offer to you, our fellow die-hards, as we know many of you do not reside in Los Angeles.

If you want one of these rings, email me at surlyjacob@gmail.com with your name, address and make me feel special, tell me something you like about the site, or something I said that really pissed you off, or why you think Scribe looks ridiculous in a cowboy hat. To ward off would-be scalpers, you must illustrate to me in some way that you are a fan of the Kings and a fan of this site. Telling me your username you post under will put you at the front of the line. We have about 10 of these to sell to you.

We are not looking to make a big profit here. I will ship to anyone in the US for a flat $40. Fair? They cost $28 after tax, shipping with insurance is like $8 and a the extra $4 is for the pain in the ass of sorting through emails, standing in lines, packing, printing shipping labels and going to the post office one or several times.

I’m happy to ship them oversees or up to Canada too, but will have to check the actual shipping charges. I love you all, but not enough to lose money. But again, we will do this at cost.

I’m going to require you to pay upfront through paypal – surlyjacob@gmail.com is NOT my PayPal, you will get that after you email me.

And let me stress, email me, don’t just post “I want one!” in this thread, because that doesn’t count.

Like I said, maybe this is all moot, as everyone already has one or doesn’t care or no one actually reads this blog. Hell if I know. But I’m feeling helpful, so there ya go.

EDIT: it looks like I need to reiterate – DO NOT SEND PAYPAL TO surlyjacob@gmail.com