Replica Stanley Cup Rings For All – Don’t Pay $70 On Ebay

UPDATE 2/5/13: THERE ARE NO MORE RINGS. I have emailed those we can send one to, so please, if you are just finding this post now, do not email me. Sorry we could not give one to everyone, but there are a lot of you! And you (almost) all deserve one! I am still getting to replying to everyone, which I promised I would individually. Thanks for all your emails and kind words about the site.


I’m not sure if this is a moot point for those kicking tires on this site, but I’ve noticed that people are snatching up the replica Cup rings the Kings gave out on Monday on eBay for $60-$90 left and right. As has already been noted, these little things are substantial, gnarly pieces of jewelry and a fine Kings keepsake. Team LA was as packed as I’ve ever seen it after the game on Monday and again last night as it seemed nearly everyone had to have an extra for $25. I believe team LA has sold out twice and is not guaranteeing they will be making anymore.

It would also appear that the Kings are not selling these online, hence why I imagine people out of town/state/country are eager to pay a premium for these beauties on eBay.

Loyal Kings fans shouldn’t be getting ripped off. Living close enough to downtown to walk into Team LA isn’t a privilege and those who don’t shouldn’t be gouged.

So, Bobby and I bought some extras to offer to you, our fellow die-hards, as we know many of you do not reside in Los Angeles.

If you want one of these rings, email me at with your name, address and make me feel special, tell me something you like about the site, or something I said that really pissed you off, or why you think Scribe looks ridiculous in a cowboy hat. To ward off would-be scalpers, you must illustrate to me in some way that you are a fan of the Kings and a fan of this site. Telling me your username you post under will put you at the front of the line. We have about 10 of these to sell to you.

We are not looking to make a big profit here. I will ship to anyone in the US for a flat $40. Fair? They cost $28 after tax, shipping with insurance is like $8 and a the extra $4 is for the pain in the ass of sorting through emails, standing in lines, packing, printing shipping labels and going to the post office one or several times.

I’m happy to ship them oversees or up to Canada too, but will have to check the actual shipping charges. I love you all, but not enough to lose money. But again, we will do this at cost.

I’m going to require you to pay upfront through paypal – is NOT my PayPal, you will get that after you email me.

And let me stress, email me, don’t just post “I want one!” in this thread, because that doesn’t count.

Like I said, maybe this is all moot, as everyone already has one or doesn’t care or no one actually reads this blog. Hell if I know. But I’m feeling helpful, so there ya go.

EDIT: it looks like I need to reiterate – DO NOT SEND PAYPAL TO

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  1. Ahhhh!! Love you guys! Hubby had class for work and we live in BFE. Email sent. Pick us! It’s the least you could do after the voodoo Surly did on the Oilers game.

  2. Awesome post blog! GKG!

  3. Too awesome! Go Kings Go!

  4. Fantastic! San Francisco is a great city but it’s too damn far from LA. I need a ring to wear to the battleground at the Shark Tank.

  5. I want one!! (Hahaha, I had to!)

  6. Hey guys love the site and more of all love the idea. Thanks

  7. e-mail sent and FUCK VANCOUVER!

  8. Loving the response.

    Give me until atleast tonight to get back to everyone, so don’t worry if you don’t hear from me right away.

    I promise I will get to all of your emails.

  9. FROM:  Domenic Sevo (Kings #1 Fan) Good Day Gentlemen.   Have been a huge fan of your blog for several years, read them daily, you guys have been ROYALTY….   First hockey game in Montreal against the Kings in 1972, Billy Smith was in net for the Kings for his first game, and I have never looked back, 40 years of trying to tune into late night radio games, anxiously looking forward for them to be on TV, making my baby brother keep me informed of scores when he supposed to be sleeping when I was unable to listen, arguing for my TEAM with my 5 brothers, besides the birth of my 2 daughters, last Spring was the GREATEST time of my life, and I have haven’t stopped celebrating since, I haved DVR’ed all games and love to sit ad watch them over and over again.  I have entered a number of contests over the years in the LA TIMES, hoping to win something, hoping this will change my luck, it felt like you were calling out to me.  Although as much as I love you guys, you really upset me when you calling for Lombardi’s head a couple of years ago, I was the one that posted on your blog that the two greatest signings at the time were Gretzky and Lombardi.  I have enjoyed most of your blogs, but my favorites are your prayers.  I have sent them worldwide a number of times via email.    Jacob, about your hat, goo thing you don’t live in Montreal you’d be labelled as a true frenchman, only kidding, the women in my household, find the both of you very attractive.   Looking forward to the next ring giveaway when we REPEAT in 2013 !!!!!!!!!!   Thank you with love from one King fan to a King diehard.   PS:  I hope you can open my attachment, because it is something to see !  

  10. I almost bought from eBay a couple of nights ago but held off. I called Team LA this morning (2/1) at 9:30 am. I was eating at Porto’s Burbank and asked if they had the ring. They Team LA store replied “Yes, we have plenty!”. I got there about 11:30 am and they had only 4 left when I got there. So basically within 2 hours, “Plenty” became only 4! I purchased one and there was a woman right behind me who purchased another so there were only 2 left by the time I left. I asked the girls working there if they had more boxes, and they said “Not that we know of!”. Even when I was there, the phone was ringing and it was obvious people were asking Team LA if they had the ring, and if they could put them on hold (which Team LA doesn’t do). Since the proceeds do help the Kings Care Foundation, it would be great if they could produce more so that it’s possible for Kings fans to get one without being price-gouged on Ebay. I couldn’t believe it when someone was selling theirs for $200!

  11. Big fucking whoop! $28 dollars after tax = a cheap pewter piece of crap. I’ll go without ” bling bling “, dawg.

  12. There $25 plus tax in the team LA store, and they had hundreds of boxes of them

  13. Awesome. Email sent

  14. It’s awesome that a couple of ferocious champions like you two would do this, it’s a class act, the kind of love for the Kings goes a long way in PROVING what they mean to you. I’ll pass on the offer to let others unable to get to the Team LA store get that ring and wear it proudly – but I’m certainly getting one if I ever get a work day less than 10 hours long. Again – thanks Surly and Scribe!

  15. Well i’m in deep Illinois, surrounded by Blackhawk scwackers ………… need the ring badly to shut them up some. Email sent ………… crossing my fingers :)

  16. These types of things are what make me smile. I don’t particularly need one, but the common courtesy and effort in which you two operate is outstanding. Your humor, passion and writing skills keep me around but your kindness toward other fans makes me a lifelong fan. You two rock. I do have one complaint. Where are the Suttering shirts you’ve been working on the past couple years.

  17. Ok, so I expected a good response to this.

    I expected wrong.

    It’s been great! So many wonderful emails to read, I don’t think I can get to everyone tonight. I wish we had rings for all of you.

    I am going to leave it open for more to email me as I’m not a fan of “first-come-first-serve” on the Internet since that’s ultimately just luck. So you likely won’t be hearing from me tonight, but in due time I will respond to all the emails, whether I can send you a ring or not.

    Since I don’t give a Sutt about the superbowl, Sunday seems like a good time to sort out the mess I’ve created :)

  18. Went to the game but they ran out of rings… So bummed. Kind of amazing that they ran out but still had leftovers to sell. At least we won the game. GKG!!

  19. Wish I had checked the site yesterday… Damn. Kudos to you guys though. Those Ebay rings are a bitch. Spread the reign. GO KINGS!

  20. I would kill for a ring…not like a human being though, like a bug, or rodent, or snake, or Jeremy Jacobs or Gary Bettman; but certainly not a person!

  21. I was busy getting my hovelhouse ready for my Hockey party and missed this email.
    Just wanted to say very cool of you two to think of and do this for fellow King Fans. I think they are pretty neat souvenirs. And sorry Surly the Cowboy Hat rocks :)
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  22. HAHAHHA Scribe looks awesome in that cowboy hat!!!! And Surly, if only looks could kill! Nothing at all in this blog pissed me off except how much money people are actually paying for these rings. I am going to send an email as soon as i am done with this post.. which is riiiighhht now! :)

  23. HA HA HA!!! THIS ARTICLE IS A JOKE!!! It says, “Loyal Kings fans shouldn’t be getting ripped off”? WHAT A JOKE to even say that!!! YOU GUYS ARE NO DIFFERENT!!! So it’s WRONG to get ripped off on the price of the Stanley Cup replica rings, but it’s OK for the Kings organization to RIP OFF people at the box office for tickets??!!! For example: Opening Day (Raise the Banner)!!! ($160-$260+ from the King’s box office to sit in the nose bleeds – we won’t even bring up the 100 section prices). OR, how about all the playoff and Stanley Cup final games last year!!!! Those prices were also outrageous!!…and this was before the ticket agencies and scalpers got them and marked them up!! For the playoffs, I had to pay the $200+! For Raise the Banner I had to pay $300+! And, for the ring I had to pay $70! It’s never going to change!! The Kings organization marks up tickets, the Ebay people mark up prices on hard to find things, and you guys mark up the rings also. The truth is, if you want it, and it’s in demand (tickets), or limited items were made (rings, banners, etc.), then you’re going to have to unfortunately pay the price, or, risk not being at the game, or never having the ring or mini banner, or whatever it is your buying!

    But PLEASE, to make the statement in this post “Loyal Kings fans shouldn’t be getting ripped off” is a big joke!! You’re making a buck too! Yes, everyone is out to make money, that’s true, but that also includes this site by selling the rings for $40. If it’s wrong then don’t sell the rings for $40! If it’s for the cause, “King’s fans shouldn’t get ripped off” then sell them here for $36! You’re just trying to beat everyone’s prices everywhere else (Ebay, Amazon, etc.). Sorry, but you’re no different than the people on Ebay and Amazon!! That’s fine if you want to sell them at $40, but don’t claim innocence! Don’t try to put yourself in a different catagory than the people selling them on Ebay and Amazon, because you’re no different by saying Kings fans are getting ripped off elsewhere!! Sorry, I love your guys’ articles, but not this one. The truth, is the truth!

    • Royal Flush are an ignorant ASS.. yes usually I delete when the occasional moron posts something as assinine as this on S&S site but tonight felt the need to say .. you think these guys are so hard up for $$ that they are going to try to make a couple of dollars with the rings??? Laughable … you can take those misguided toughts and flush them.. you know where.. geez
      GO KINGS GO !!!

    • That’s a semi fair assessment. $36 was my estimated cost for rings + tax and shipping. If you count all the packing materials I had to use, the hours I spent sorting through emails, gas to and from the post office, and then take off the the 3% PayPal fees, I think I came out making something like half a dollar per ring. So Scribe and I sold 11 rings I think and made between us enough to buy half a beer at Staples. If that’s the same as selling them on eBay for $100, you are welcome to think that.

      It’s not like I’m anti eBay either. I sell stuff on eBay all the time. The market is the market. What bothered me about this is that not everyone had a fair chance to buy a ring, since they were not offered online. Had they been, and people slept through it or didn’t get on in time, I’d feel less bad about out of state Kings fans paying through the nose on eBay.

      Was the Kings marking up the price for the home opener shitty? Absolutely. Playoffs last year? Shit. My dad paid something like $1000 I think to go to game 4 in the nosebleeds and another 500 for game 6. I’m no stranger to getting ripped off. But everyone had fair access to tickets. Everyone was allowed to buy season tickets beforehand like I did and not have to pay as much. They simply chose not to and got screwed for that. That’s different than flat out not having a chance to buy a ring at retail price because of the accident of geography.

      So I apologize (sarcastically) for not qualifying the statement “loyal kings fans shouldn’t be getting ripped off” with the specific addendum “for these rings.” I figured that was obvious. The scope of this post did not go beyond the replica ring situation. Extrapolate all the meaning you like, but if you ask me if I care if Kings fans shouldn’t be getting ripped off in general, I’d point you to the prices I pay for beer every game.


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