Futzing Down The Freeway – Kings @ Ducks Game Thread

First of all, Bobby and I are busy scouring through your emails, trying to decide who will get the replica rings. Bate your breath for a little while longer. I know, I know, the wait is excruciating. So is choosing.

Now, onto the game tonight that I won’t be watching because I had the brilliant idea to take my woman to Ojai for her birthday before consulting the Kings’ schedule. I suppose once a year she gets to be more important than the Kings. Once.

Have you noticed there is a new non-face of LA Kings Insider? Jon Rosen. Sounds familiar, perhaps I’ll start reading. It is likely that I will promptly stop. He is not blessed with the gift of brevity.

He does however tell us, with his super insider powers, that Dustin Penner will probably dress tonight for the first time since he lethargically panted and heaved his way around the ice in Colorado. He is set to skate with Richards and Carter, bumping Clifford to… Somewhere, because its not like he’s our leading scorer or anything.

Maybe he’ll play with Kopi and Brown and Williams will get a somewhat deserved bump down to the Stoll line. Doesn’t matter I suppose, whole lot of ‘bleh’ on this team offensively outside of Clifford and Carter so far. Hopefully soon one of those fancy Dreeeeeeeeew rushes up the ice will lead to something other than a turnover at the goal line.

I sound pessimistic. I’m not, just annoyed that I have the flu.

I’ve got a feeling we see another offensive eruption tonight. One of those games fans love and coaches hate. 6-4 Kings was my official prediction.

Did you know that Scribe doesn’t like my limericks? I have an extra special one today, all the way from childhood, when times were simpler and hockey was meaner.

Fuck fuck fuck the Ducks,
Screw that Getzlaf too
Got no time for dirty slime
Boudreau was born inna zoo

Are you making the trip to the land of Disney characters and Orange County housewives? It’s nice to be around cartoons sometimes, and Disney characters can also be fun.

If you are, make me proud and moon a Duck fan, assuming they still make those.


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  1. Orange County Housewives? I think I sat next to a pack of those on Thursday night. They arrived after the puck dropped second period, and the one sitting next to me turned to me, picked at my Kopitar jersey, and asked “So we’re the black and white team?”

    I nearly punched her in the face. In hindsight I probably should have. Too much makeup and only slightly smarter than the combined intelligence of the Ducks. What a waste of seats.

  2. The only reason I go down behind the Orange Curtain is for Portillos off La Palma. If you have ever been to Chicago and had an Italian Beef sandwich, then you probably know of Portillos.
    Portillos is like the Tommys of SoCal but for Italian Beef sandwiches. I highly recommend trying an Italian Beef sandwich dipped with hot and sweet peppers.
    Its divine, and one of the few pleasures that you find in that slum called Buena Park and Anaslime!

    • La Palma is a long street. What’s the cross street, modcoop? And Sutt you, modcoop, I grew up in BP! It has many nice things, like…. shit I can’t think of any at this moment. They even chased the hookers off Beach.

      I just looked on Stubhub for tickets and there selling tickets in the upper sections for $100 bucks. Hahahaha! Those Sutters are high! Guess they don’t want us winners in their building.

      • Buena Park Center & La Palma or as they said in The Hangover Dr. Valsh: I do, it’s at the corner of get a map and fuck off. I’m a doctor, not a tour guide.

  3. You know what you should do…when you are sitting at the table with your wife and she excuses herself to go to the bathroom, loosen the cap on the salt shaker and wait. When she attempts to salt her food she will dump a mountain of salt on it. Then you yell “GO KINGS”, as loud as possible so everyone in the restaurant can hear. Then start laughing, “BWAHAHAHAHAHAH…..”.

  4. Surly…. I honestly don’t see what bothers you so much about the ‘o’. You have to look at the positive. At least when you look at the combo of Williams, Doughty, Richards, Stoll and Brown you’ve got multiple goa – whoops…. Never mind. Ignore this post. Have fun w your partner on your trip.


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