Fuck All of You Who Sent Emails…and We Love You

Surly and I come up with this idea to give rings, at cost, to diehard L.A. Kings fans who just happen to be diehard S&S readers, focusing on those who are out of State or cannot get one of their own.

Surly writes the post, I set aside 5 rings and so does he.


That’s what we got.

“We’ll get a few emails. Should be easy enough…” I think.

I go through what feels like 100 emails the first day after Jacob forwards them to me. Some make me laugh, others strike a chord and all of them come from the heart.

Your love of the Kings.

Your kind and endearing words for Jacob and I.

I think I have a list of 10 to seriously consider although it could have easily been a list of 50.

I tell Jacob yesterday that I want to call Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and find out if they have any young Kings fans so I can deliver a couple of rings. Not from the 10 set aside. From the two I was going to save.

I get home after the Kings vs. Ducks game tonight. I am angry…ready to take a baseball bat at random street signs but I first check my email.

What do I see?

A shit load more emails.


Jacob and I will read every one.

We need more rings.

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12 replies

  1. You didn’t get one from me. And you know why? Because I don’t give a fuck. I don’t give two shits about that cracker Jack / cereal box ring. Fuck that ring. I guarantee you that it costs about 50¢ to make that ring in the factory and fools are spending upwards of 100$$$$$ on that shit. 50¢ considering the rampant inflation going on. 2 years ago it would have been only 25¢. Dumbasses. What? You think you’re going to impress the ladies with that pewter ring? You think you’re investing in something that will be worth a small fortune down the line? Dumb! Get a life! Watch how I continue not to give a fuck and buy cool stuff that isn’t mass produced for morons.


    • YEAH FUCK THOSE RINGS!!! They only cost fifty cents to make, and go for $25, so I don;t want it! On a completely related note; I don’t wear shoes or pants, or shirts, or eat food. Because only morons buy things that are mass produced then sold at a markup.

    • Not sure if serious…

    • This bro-douche ‘doesn’t give a fuck’ but he takes the time to write a rant post about it… Get a job, sir. The bums will always lose.

      Fuck the ducks.

      And personally speaking, it’s a hell of a gesture for these two guys to go out of their way to hook up their readers… No matter what the item is.

  2. Although the Kings got beat by the “Quacks” last night they are still a better team than team. The lockout has affected the Kings more than other teams and it shows. However, as an La Kings die hard fan I am not worried about the slow start. They will improve. Sutter will not allow this team to do down without fighting!

  3. What is the email address? I need to plead my case, it’s bad enough I live in CArolina where I can only watch Eastern team play live, and stay up until 2 am to watch Kings games. I can’t miss out on this too!


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