Surly and I come up with this idea to give rings, at cost, to diehard L.A. Kings fans who just happen to be diehard S&S readers, focusing on those who are out of State or cannot get one of their own.

Surly writes the post, I set aside 5 rings and so does he.


That’s what we got.

“We’ll get a few emails. Should be easy enough…” I think.

I go through what feels like 100 emails the first day after Jacob forwards them to me. Some make me laugh, others strike a chord and all of them come from the heart.

Your love of the Kings.

Your kind and endearing words for Jacob and I.

I think I have a list of 10 to seriously consider although it could have easily been a list of 50.

I tell Jacob yesterday that I want to call Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and find out if they have any young Kings fans so I can deliver a couple of rings. Not from the 10 set aside. From the two I was going to save.

I get home after the Kings vs. Ducks game tonight. I am angry…ready to take a baseball bat at random street signs but I first check my email.

What do I see?

A shit load more emails.


Jacob and I will read every one.

We need more rings.