From Rich Hammond John Hoven Jon Rosen:

On Justin Williams and veteran forwards:
Sometimes, he just has to slow it down a little bit. Simon goes in and out during games. It’s an issue with two or three of our older guys. They can’t go in or out during games, or else we’re better off playing younger guys that are learning it. The whole thing – and again, I’m not singling Gagne or Willie out or anybody like that – but hey, this is a totally different team, quite honest, when you’re playing those kids on defense…It totally changes how your team has to play, or what you’re trying to do. So it puts a lot more onus on that veteran group to be consistent. If they’re not, then you’re just going to struggle with it. It’s really not that hard to figure out.

Damn, that is an intelligent statement.

It’s simple but so damn smart.

Do you get what he’s saying?