That Darryl Sutter is a Pretty Smart Hockey Guy

From Rich Hammond John Hoven Jon Rosen:

On Justin Williams and veteran forwards:
Sometimes, he just has to slow it down a little bit. Simon goes in and out during games. It’s an issue with two or three of our older guys. They can’t go in or out during games, or else we’re better off playing younger guys that are learning it. The whole thing – and again, I’m not singling Gagne or Willie out or anybody like that – but hey, this is a totally different team, quite honest, when you’re playing those kids on defense…It totally changes how your team has to play, or what you’re trying to do. So it puts a lot more onus on that veteran group to be consistent. If they’re not, then you’re just going to struggle with it. It’s really not that hard to figure out.

Damn, that is an intelligent statement.

It’s simple but so damn smart.

Do you get what he’s saying?

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  1. Yep…I see it happen game to game..Darryl sees it happen inside a game..He is the Coach(I do love the guy)..I am just the fan.
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  2. Do you get what he’s saying?

    … Of course I do. He’s saying “fuck Dustin Penner”.

  3. He’s saying “anytime now Dean/Mitchell”

  4. He is saying: Vets play like vets and not like rookies. Vets play like vets and that drags the kids up to their level. Hockey 101!


  5. He’s saying our defense sucks more balls than Elton John in a men’s locker room, and if LA is going to have a chance in hell to do anything this year, those vets need to pick it up to offset the complete fuck fest that is Voynov-Martinez and Drewiske-Muzzin.

    • Voynov-Martinez and Drewiske-Muzzin… I just threw up in my mouth looking at that.

    • I don’t agree with your assessment of Voynov. He has been solid and made very few mistakes. Scored a game winning goal as well. I haven’t seen Martinez perform all that poorly either. Drewisky is not nearly as good along the boards as Mitchell of Greene and Muzzin is green. Quick hasn’t done as well as he should either.

      Go Kings?

  6. Well at least Martinez, Drewiske and Muzzin are getting valuable experience under big time pressure. Gotta see something positive out of it. They should only get better from this. That said, hard to say if that could cost them a playoff spot. Time will tell.
    More offensive success could help to balance out their learning curves.

  7. Btw, I assume that Hickey was claimed as the Kings no longer had the right to retain control of him? I saw him play a bit yesterday on tele vs. the Devils. It’s rather strange that so many of the ‘smaller skilled players’ that DL was excited about couldn’t cut it with the team. Hickey, Moller, Loktionov. Then there was also Acevedo and Kozun.

  8. I know he isn’t singling anyone out, but damnit Penner is supposed to be one of those ‘veteran’ guys and he is just stinking up the place these days. Even in practices he looks a half-step behind everyone else.

    If he could just play at the same level he showed in Edmonton that would be enough. Instead he’s acting like an anchor and dragging this team down. Doubt we could get half a bag of pucks and piss-stained jockstrap for him at this point.

  9. So what? He’s saying that veterans can’t take a shift off and be good the entire game. What’s is so smart? We know that the team is much worse off without Mitchell and Greene and forwards have to spend more time focusing on the defensive zone while not taking too many chances offensively.

    • disagree and disagree.. Sutter is one Feakin Smart coach.. and The Kings are not a run and gun offinsive minded hockey team.. they are well aware of what they need to do in the defensive zone.. We are hurting without our balanced D pairing right now.. plus like Richards I think we do have some slow starters.. so we nash our teeth..bite our nails and try to be patiend and have faith!
      GO KINGS GO!!!

      • No, I did not say Sutter is not is. I believe that he is extremely smart but I didn’t see anything extraordinary in this statement. Just a call to players for full effort.

  10. Just read the top 16 power rankings on
    They say that the Kings and three other teams just missed getting in, but sort of a drag reading how well certain teams are playing on both sides of the puck, and we’ve had two games where we’ve given up five goals or more (out of seven games)?…. and how poorly we’re doing offensively as well. So that’s basically all there is. Offense and defense.
    Meanwhile, Vanc, Chic, SJ getting great goaltending etc. What’s going on? Sooner or later (sooner rather than later in a 48 game season) they’re gonna have to turn it around… otherwise they’ll come back in October talking about how they want to prove last year wasn’t an exception.


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