Sometimes, You Gotta Bang a Fat Chick…Kings Beat Columbus 4-2


You don’t appreciate how important it is until you lose it.

Once you do, doing the little things right, gaining and sustaining momentum and winning gets it back.

Tonight was a game of little things that turned into a big win. Yeah, it’s Columbus, I know but, going into tonight’s game, they were ahead of us in the standings and a loss could have turned Surly’s “nobody panic” to a full-blown melt down.

Let’s hit some high points.

  • Mike Richards with a Gordie Howe hat trick? Be still my heart. I don’t even care about the goal. I care that he crashed the net. I care that he had jump. I care that he played well and looked good.
  • Anze Kopitar’s backhand goal was a beauty. Can’t recall the last time I saw a backhand slap shot, as Foxy called it.
  • Justin Williams is right. His game is coming along. When he cut to the middle of the ice, I got flashbacks of the player he was in the playoffs.
  • Jeff Carter had another good game as did Simon Gagne. There may be chemistry between those two and Richards. Makes sense, no?
  • Rob Scuderi’s face
  • Jonathan Quick. He didn’t have to be great. Good was good enough.
  • Slava Voynov. He was all world tonight. My love for Slava is threatening to turn into a serious romance.

Low points…

  • What the fuck are Patrick O’Neil, Daryl Evans and Anson Carter doing? Two of those three need to go. It looks like a circle jerk out there.

Back to the confidence thing. In my second year of law school, I went through about a 4 month cold streak. The hockey equivalent of missing passes, hitting posts and ending up in the box on lazy penalties. This chick in my Evidence class was a bit out of my weight preference but she had a beautiful smile with dimples, light eyes and flirted like a pro. Got in there, had a great time, her toes curled and with a big win, I got hot again.


Don’t underestimate it.

Scribe’s 3 Stars:

3. Mike Richards

2. Anze Kopitar

1. Slava Voynov


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13 replies

  1. You used the term “full blown” twice. I’m starting not to believe you about sleeping with girls.

  2. Yeah, I’m gonna agree with you. Confidence is a bitch when you don’t have it, and oh-so-good when you do. The shitty part is when you’re used to it, and then you lose it, it feels like the world is going to end.

    Glad to see the Kings kick some butt out there. I was a bit worried when they came to tie it up after our second goal. Other than that I had a lot of fun watching the game. It was nice and dynamic.

  3. Maybe she made you feel like her toes curled.


    Glad to see a win. Scuderi’s face made me swoon. Go KINGS!

  4. Not impressed!

    Considering that both Wiesniewski and Nikitin were out and three rookie defenseman greener than Kermit were in, I would assume to believe that there would be more flexing of muscle tonight. Especially since Mason was the starter and you know he sucks.

    Voynov has been the man. At this point it’s Voynov and Doughty 1A and 1B. I always knew the boy had telling. He was supposed to be a much higher pick but everyone shied away because of the Russian factor and Dean wisely scooped him up. I remember thinking that he reminds me a lot of Sergei Zubov. Both had great instincts on the defensive end and at the same time both being great skaters and offensively capable. I think he could be a 15g 60 pt guy for us.

    Oh, and WTF was Anson “go back to Washington”, Carter doing there? He was a horrible, terrible player that didn’t do shit when he came over and now he’s a horrible sports reporter who bores the bejesus out of you. God, he sucks. Not trying to be racist but is he there simply because of Affirmative Action? Seriously? Put fucking Eva Mendez up there. Now that’s what I’m talking about. She’s a minority so now you’re all set.

    Being a lawyer is haram.

  5. Banging fat chicks is haram too. Infidel!

  6. Anson Carter, Evans, O’neill < Heidi Androl (Even though she ain't that hot)

    • NO! Heidi Androl was fucking terrible! She didn’t even pay attention to what players’ answers where in an interview. Plus like you said: not that hot. If you are going to have no idea what you are talking about and have now idea how to even do a basic interview then you have to be Kate Upton. I mean Heidi’s qualifications was she was a loser on the Apprentice for gods sake. Wow even Donald Trump wouldn’t hire you!

      • I’d smash her.

        • Wasn’t saying I wouldn’t fuck her. I was saying that when you have the second largest market in the nation, and you are the entertainment capitol of the world, you should be able to either: A) get someone who can actually interview or B) get someone who is REALLY HOT. I am sorry but when you couldn’t even work as a Price is Right girl you aren’t hot enough to get by on looks alone in LA.


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