You don’t appreciate how important it is until you lose it.

Once you do, doing the little things right, gaining and sustaining momentum and winning gets it back.

Tonight was a game of little things that turned into a big win. Yeah, it’s Columbus, I know but, going into tonight’s game, they were ahead of us in the standings and a loss could have turned Surly’s “nobody panic” to a full-blown melt down.

Let’s hit some high points.

  • Mike Richards with a Gordie Howe hat trick? Be still my heart. I don’t even care about the goal. I care that he crashed the net. I care that he had jump. I care that he played well and looked good.
  • Anze Kopitar’s backhand goal was a beauty. Can’t recall the last time I saw a backhand slap shot, as Foxy called it.
  • Justin Williams is right. His game is coming along. When he cut to the middle of the ice, I got flashbacks of the player he was in the playoffs.
  • Jeff Carter had another good game as did Simon Gagne. There may be chemistry between those two and Richards. Makes sense, no?
  • Rob Scuderi’s face
  • Jonathan Quick. He didn’t have to be great. Good was good enough.
  • Slava Voynov. He was all world tonight. My love for Slava is threatening to turn into a serious romance.

Low points…

  • What the fuck are Patrick O’Neil, Daryl Evans and Anson Carter doing? Two of those three need to go. It looks like a circle jerk out there.

Back to the confidence thing. In my second year of law school, I went through about a 4 month cold streak. The hockey equivalent of missing passes, hitting posts and ending up in the box on lazy penalties. This chick in my Evidence class was a bit out of my weight preference but she had a beautiful smile with dimples, light eyes and flirted like a pro. Got in there, had a great time, her toes curled and with a big win, I got hot again.


Don’t underestimate it.

Scribe’s 3 Stars:

3. Mike Richards

2. Anze Kopitar

1. Slava Voynov