Apparently, the L.A. Kings Kick Some Serious Ass in Puck Possession Time…

Everyone knows that Surly and I love statistics. Surly spends his spare time making spreadsheets about anything and everything. So naturally, when we heard about this article that touts our puck possession skills and calls our L.A. Kings all kinds of nice things, we had to post it.

And this Adam Gretz guy doesn’t suck…the writing was even half way decent. But seriously, his father couldn’t add a damn “ky” to his last name?

Enjoy the article.

Pucks and Numbers. Don’t Worry About the L.A. Kings

Stick tap to our reader, Deidre for the article.

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5 replies

  1. That Vesa Toskala video is hysterical…

  2. No need for spread sheets. Just look at corsi and fenwick differentials per game. The NHL does all the work for you and posts the numbers via It even has a shift chart that is adjustable so that you can geek out to who was on the ice at any given momment of the game. Complete with another chart for zone starts.

  3. It’s like the insider around here. Mention posession stats and scare everyone away. Lol

  4. Dont u feel A Gretz nailed it in his artice ? Last year especially during Sutter era they were exceptional with the puck both creatively and never wanting to give it up.They are demonstrating this dominance again.There is no doubt in my mind that this team will repeat but it ,it may not come as easily in comparison to last year but it will happen for us again.It boggles my mind that we are not hearing or reading more articles similar to this one from other sports experts or connaisseurs.Good job Bobby finding this article!!


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