I Miss The Eastern Conference – Kings @ Predators

The upshot to the condensed 2012-2013 season is that travel is a bit lighter for the Kings and the Western Conference. None of those pesky 3, 4, 5 hour flights to other times zones all the time wher…. What? Tennessee? That’s not in the fucking West. It’s East of the damn Mississippi! So all these East COAST teams get to skate and skirt up and down the seaboard, changing time zones maybe once, and we’re playing games in Nashville? Screw this.

I miss the Eastern Conference. If we are going to be jet setting all over the country, Columbus, Nashville, Detroit, I want to see the Rangers, the Flyers, Montreal and Ottawa, not the Nashville fucking shoot-me-in-the-head-this-is-boring-could-you-pick-a-more-puke-inducing-shade-of-yellow Predators. At least I think we only have to suffer what Barry Trotz calls a skull (its a lumpy couch cushion) once more this season after this game.

Anywho, Jonathan Bernier will be starting in goal tonight. Dustin Penner will play on the third line and Brad Richardson will sub in for Colin Fraser.

Are you laughing yet?

Like hell any of that will happen. Maybe after 20 games Bernier will get a start. No, none of that will be happening as far as I know. Call it wishful thinking that Richardson will ever play.

I’m sure we’ll see the same old lineup, the same old suffocating offensively numb game we always see against Nashville. I’m also sure we’ll win. This team will put two wins together. No more getting caught feeling out the trapping, board-winding antics of the Preds. The Kings need to, and will, take some smash-mouth hockey to the ice from the puck drop. Bring on the swagger.

Quick is gearing up for a big game. Richards, Williams, Kopitar, Voynov, Quick, these are guys starting to get their grooves back. Lets open up these pussy cats and get all warm and cozy in their intestines.

I know, I know, and you thought Barry Trotz smelled bad on the outside.


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  1. What!? No prayer? No limrick? Not even a fucking haiku? You’re phonin’ it in Surly…

  2. I miss the Kings playing hockey..

  3. Jim Fox just mentioned that he has not seen the new rule of centremen not being able to use their glove to play the puck off of a face-off…what game is he watching?? It has happened twice tonight…i saw it…and by Stoll’s reaction to the refs, he saw it…but then again these are the same guys that never saw the high stick on Carter…the same ones that only called Williams for roughing out of 10 guys pushing each other around…and the same ones that didn’t see Brown get spun around as he crashed the net at the end of the first…sorry, but these refs are just pissing me off tonight!!!

  4. This right here is some buuuuuuullshit.

  5. Well, haikus clearly are not the way to go.

  6. Feeling like we haven’t had a good ol’ fashion S&S fury inspired rant that helped us through the rough times last season. We need you boys. Get angry. Get verbose.

    • Agreed…
      The Kings finding their familiar home in mediocrity is nearly as bad as the malaise that’s inflicted this site. I’ve heard of a Stanley Cup hangover for players, but not bloggers and fans. S&S and some of the regulars are “going through the motions”… just like our team.
      Where’s the fire? Last season we were all pissed off… I’m pissed off since opening game vs Chicago.
      I want to read some fury after these losses… What, like 10-12 comments…and S&S aren’t saying much…

  7. I saw a statement from Sutter that said if Jake, Alex and Davis don’t start playing better then the team would start looking at other options. It appears to me that’s its Doughboy making all the d-end turnovers and if you look at the +/- on the season its Doughboy and Scuds that are on the ice when the team is giving up the goals. Can someone help me out here with what I’m missing?


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