The Profanity Driven Rage Filled Post Game Article…

The Kings deserve it.

You may need it.

Perhaps you have even come to appreciate the moments Surly or I have brought it.

But not this time.

Sure, Quisp may be on suicide watch post Andrei Loktionov trade.

Willie Mitchell is not back yet and, as Surly mentioned to me a couple of days ago, he is concerned it may be more than the knee. You know, the con…concu…concushhhh…we don’t say that word.

Matt Greene may be out for the season and my attempt to make peace with that has not worked.

Our defense is suspect.

Our offense is MIA.

Our goaltending comes and goes.

Why am I not flipping out?

Because I believe in this team, this coach, this franchise and after we lost tonight’s game, my head and heart said, “we won the Stanley Cup. Be patient. Have faith.”

I will be patient.

I will keep the faith.

I love this team and each of you.

Go Kings.

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  1. That’s how I feel, just need to be patient. I know that one of these days everything is just going to click, just like it did before the playoffs last season. When everything comes together we will be unstoppable once again.

    Good things come to those who wait. It was shown after 45 years of waiting last season, but now just wait until it clicks again this season. Have faith Kings fans, everything will come together. Have pride boys, we are reigning champs with the same team. Have confidence, we WILL win the cup again!

    Let’s kick some ass on Sunday!

    Go Kings Go!!!

    • Positive thoughts man
      Nice logo btw.. I’ve seen kings shirts with a yellow & red crown. Does anyone know where I can find them? I had a dream the Kings sweaters had Spain’s colors lol.

      • Thanks buddy! Ummm, not sure where you’d be able to find something like that. I mean you could always google it, and if that doesn’t work then you could go to Zazzle or something and create your own

  2. The Kings can still make the playoffs if they play about 8 games above .500 the rest of the way.

  3. I’m with ya! If we make it through this struggling period .500 or better, we’ll be in good shape once the team starts firing on all cylinders. Not sure what to think with Mitchell. He stated in an interview earlier this season that he was dealing with swelling in the knee and that it would be there for the rest of the season and he basically just has to learn how to manage it. If it was a possible head injury (the C word) why offer up the knee story when he could have just as easily not said anything and kept it honest? His comment hasn’t sat well with me anyway because if he’s gonna have swelling issues for the rest of the season than the knee is worse than he’s admitting.

  4. I hate shut outs. On paper this is impossible. The actual reality is it is possible. Why does the possible then happen to these guys? These guys have what Dr Phil calls brain loop

    That is they are expecting to lose and they therefore lose.

    It is up to Sutter to stop that brain loop.

    Sutter please make their brain become cycling with a ferocious hunger to win. Then these guys will be ready and able to win.

  5. Jake Muzzin fucking sucks. Though I can’t really say if having 4 AHL level defensemen is the main problem here. LA’s top 6 should be able to score more than what they’re doing now. Fuck it. LA won the cup last year… this is a lockout year. The team is just chilin for when the next ‘real’ season comes.

    • It’s true that the Cup champion this year should have an asterisk next to their title.

      • I’m still trying to decide what would’ve been more painful; a full season lockout, or knowing that the team I’ve watched for 20 years just did something I thought would never happen, only to follow that up by taking a huge dump the next season.

        Who am I kidding. Love the Kings and always will. Going to go cut my wrists or something now.

    • Jake Muzzin fucking sucks.

      … I thought he played pretty well last night. He didn’t go up against Nashville’s top guys, but that’s something he shouldn’t do, anyway.

  6. What a bunch of crap. I want the ball busting 16-4 team back. I don’t want the streaky, by the skin of their teeth FucKings back. I want total dominance! I want to hear the lamentation of the women. I want opponents to quake in their skates. I want… aw fuck it. Go Kings Go!

    • I want the ball busting 16-4 team back.

      … That team is never, and I mean NEVER, coming back. What you saw was a run for the ages. An act of God, a miracle, a brief shining moment; whatever you want to term it. Be glad it happened, and that you witnessed it.

  7. In the playoffs the defense was nigh on perfect. When there’s a slippage there it can create problems….. and create problems it has. I haven’t been able to see all the games so it’s speculative, but I gather that Quick hasn’t been all that bad. Clearly Doughty-Scuds have been bordering on below average/poor?
    But there seems so far to be a link…. tight game…. well, can’t get the offense going. More open game they put it in the net (Ducks) but then give up goals in bunches…. granted that was really only the one game.
    But looking at the top six offensive stats does create cause for some concern.


    Still loud and proud…..things will get better!
    Went to Supercross at Anaheim Stadium last week and when we left and drove by the Honda Center my sister had her head out the window yellling DUCKS SUCK…GO KINGS GO!!!
    Even though that was another disappointing loss…gotta support and show pride….

    Better days are ahead!

  9. Kings have traded for Ellerby, looks to be a good move.

  10. What scares me the most is that we’ve only played the Sucks, Stars & Dogs once and we haven’t played the Sharks at all. That’s 13 hard ass games still ahead. If the Kings don’t tighten up, it’s going to be a long ass short season.

    • That’s 13 hard ass games still ahead.

      … They are ALL hard ass games. Nashville played a great game last night. They got a bunch of chances early, got their lead, and locked it down the rest of the way … perfect execution of the game plan they’ve been running ever since they came into the league with their funny looking no-necked coach. They did a great job.

      The Kings didn’t play badly overall, but they played badly at certain times, and that’s all it took.

      • “… They are ALL hard ass games. ”

        So nice of you to take that way too literal. Of course they’re all hard, it’s the NHL. The subject was that the Kings have played very little against division opponents that are playing strong hockey right now and have the ability to embarrass the Kings at times.
        If you really want to get analytical about the game you might want to reword this, “They got a bunch of chances early”
        Nashville only had 14 shots the whole game. Two of the goals resulted directly from face-off losses by Kopi & Stoll. If you would like we could discuss why the face-off percentages have dropped and maybe we can come up with a solution and then we can tell the pros how to do their job. Call me, we can chat it up- 867-5309.

        • The subject was that the Kings have played very little against division opponents that are playing strong hockey right now and have the ability to embarrass the Kings at times.

          … The game on Thursday was the first time I’ve seen the Kings outplayed by their opposition. Nashville played them tough. I don’t see any team in the NHL embarrassing the Kings on any kind of regular basis as the season goes along. The Kings are not the same team that bulldozed their way to the Cup last year, but they still are a solid team.

          If you really want to get analytical about the game you might want to reword this, “They got a bunch of chances early” Nashville only had 14 shots the whole game.

          … This is one of the somewhat rare times that the shot count really didn’t indicate what was happening on the ice. I’d say that half of Nashville’s shots were prime scoring chances, and Quick certainly can’t be blamed for giving up a few, even though the basic save percentage would indicate he played poorly. He didn’t. He wasn’t spectacular, but he wasn’t bad, either.

          If you would like we could discuss why the face-off percentages have dropped and maybe we can come up with a solution and then we can tell the pros how to do their job.

          … The Kings ARE a poor faceoff team this season; 23rd in the league. I do believe they’re better than that, and that the numbers will increase in time. Fraser’s terrible on the draw, but he shouldn’t be playing, anyway. Richards has been poor, but I think he’ll pick it up. Stoll certainly looks to be a player in full decline, and he’s struggled in just about every facet of the game. Kopitar’s been pretty good, and he’s still getting to 100% game readiness.

          There are 39 games to go, and I believe the Kings can only get better from here, if they don’t suffer any more injuries and play the right players.

  11. The void of Greene and Mitchell (esp) is showing. But I have been following hockey far too long and what I see in this team is nothing to cause panic. Same coach, same system, same players (save 2 injured) that went 29-9-3 in their last 41 last year and put up over 3.3 goals per game. My problem with them is that they are taking poor percentage shots. Too far out, not driving enough, not taking a quality shot. But the fact they still control the game in terms of puck possession time, is a positive thing. They’ll find their groove. And given what I’ve seen of Detroit , they can win on Sunday. The Blues have lost 3 in a row and if the Kings can get that win, that’s 6 of 8 on the road.

  12. Well, they say it takes five years to begin to understand playing defense in the NHL. Maybe change of scenery will boost Ellerby and Kings. I remember being pissed when we drafted Hickey that we had not taken Karl Alzner and then again that we had taken Hickey over huge stay at home Ellerby at #11. I have good feeling about this move, which is essentially Loktionov for an everyday defenseman with a huge body. I am hoping Kings will bring up either Toffoli or Pearson or even Vey to see if one person with a hot hand can spark some offense. Last night was pathetic. Worse than the opener.

    • It would be awesome to just call up that line of Pearson-Vey-Toffoli and have them be our new line 3 since they’re doing so well in Manchester… if only it were that easy.

  13. My ring (thanks! yes! woo!) is placed on my desk at work now and it reminds me that all we have to do is make the fucking playoffs. We’ll get it together and turn this around. Fuck you Nashville. What’s the matter with Nashville….? It is Nashville!

  14. Look, the bottom line is that we SUCK right now. The fact that only FOUR of our first 15 games are at home doesn’t help either…now our vulnerable defense (yes Mitchell & Greene mean that much) seems to have rubbed off on our usually very efficient offense and that’s a shitty picture…so off we go to Detroit AND St. Louis, get Columbus at home (WIN), and go to Chicago, Edmonton & Calgary…NONE of those teams are kickin ass right now so we have to punch em in the mouth and take at least THREE of these road games to keep us in this thing!,,,THEN we get EIGHT out of the next NINE games at home….LET’S &*^%$#! DO THIS!!!!!!!!


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