The Kings deserve it.

You may need it.

Perhaps you have even come to appreciate the moments Surly or I have brought it.

But not this time.

Sure, Quisp may be on suicide watch post Andrei Loktionov trade.

Willie Mitchell is not back yet and, as Surly mentioned to me a couple of days ago, he is concerned it may be more than the knee. You know, the con…concu…concushhhh…we don’t say that word.

Matt Greene may be out for the season and my attempt to make peace with that has not worked.

Our defense is suspect.

Our offense is MIA.

Our goaltending comes and goes.

Why am I not flipping out?

Because I believe in this team, this coach, this franchise and after we lost tonight’s game, my head and heart said, “we won the Stanley Cup. Be patient. Have faith.”

I will be patient.

I will keep the faith.

I love this team and each of you.

Go Kings.