Keaton Ellerby… Like That’s A Real Name

I don’t mean to sound racist, but I thought only black guys were named Keaton. I just realized that I was confusing Keaton with Keenan. So maybe that’s little racist.

Ellerby though, there’s a goofy Canadian white boy name if I ever heard one.

Keaton Ellerby. King Keaton. Excellent Ellerby. We’ll see. One thing we do know, he is not a tiny Russian forward. This is one big ball of defenseman, one that probably makes Jake Muzzin’s balls shrink.

The Kings need some help, we know this. We didn’t need to be told to know that Dean Lombardi was trying to hunt down a trade for a defensemen to fill in for the massive voids injuries to Willie Mitchell and Matt Greene have left. Lombardi told Lisa Dillman today that “we have to operate on the premise that Willie and Greener are done for the year”. A sad sentiment, but a true one.

Unfortunately the market for defensemen is thin. We aren’t getting any established veterans like Mitchell or Greene for draft picks, and its too early to be trading away core parts of our roster.

And so we get Keaton Ellerby. Physically he weighs in at 217lbs, which makes for a 6’5″ that isn’t the bulkiest. But hockey players are lean and mean, and word is that Keaton knows enough about mean. For the majority of his playing career, he’s racked himself up a fair number of penalty minutes. He’s only had 2 fights in the NHL regular season, but as a young pup he found himself trading punches 20 times over his four seasons in the WHL. Just a few weeks ago he took a few too many licks from that prick Crombeen. Keaton may not be a good fighter, but he stands up for his teammates. You can never have enough players willing to do that. He also isn’t afraid to back up his own big hits.

Ellerby is a former high draft pick. He was taken by Florida at the 10 spot in the first round the infamous 2007 draft. Perhaps there is some subconscious redemptive motivation at work here for Lombardi, since Thomas Hickey is doing so well on Long Island. Consensus seems to be that Keaton still retains much of the potential that got him taken so high but that a change of scenery is the least that can be done to help him unlock that potential, because it ain’t happening in Florida. Lets be serious though, the Panthers are not an organization known for developing and nurturing great talent. While we shouldn’t expect Ellerby to step in an do some serious damage or be a major upgrade to the Kings defense, certainly nothing close to replacing Greene or Mitchell, he should be a help and if nothing, a wake-up call to Jake Muzzin that simply towing the line isn’t gonna cut it. Muzzin hasn’t been bad, but the motto has to be ‘stand out or sit down.’

What concerns me is that the Kings still essentially have three 7th defensemen on the roster. If Ellerby can prove himself to bring an element the Kings defense is currently lacking on defense, be that shot blocking, rock steady positional play or a snarling edge, then I can consider the Kings to have a legitimate top 5 on the back end.

We always want to hope for the best when a new player comes to town, and right now the best doesn’t mean much compared to the drivel we’ve seen from the Kings for large portions of the young circumcised season. Ellerby comes to us by way of the 5th round pick acquired from the Devils the other day for Andrei Loktionov. So one could say, if one was so inclined, that Lombardi effectively traded Loktionov, a former 5th round pick who had not panned out as of yet, for a former 1st round pick that has kinda-sorta panned out. It makes that trade seem less lame. For now.

Ellerby gets paid just under $800k this year and is an RFA at the end of the year. We should see him in a Kings uniform Sunday against the Blues Wings.

I have nothing else to say about this.

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  1. I actuallly hope we see him Sunday against the Wings

  2. A little racist? I don’t think that Keaton or Keenan seem remotely like ‘black names’. You certainly made a huge leap trying to be funny and get the article off to a good start. When the premise is wrong, it’s wrong. This is below your standards. You should have rethought this and found a different opening. The rest of the article was funny and informative, like I’ve come to expect. You also assume that everyone knows what you’re talking about with this Keenan dude. Not necessarily so. It was a little muddy.

  3. Lombardi is trying to cover his ass with this trade.
    I blame Dean for again not pulling the trigger sooner, rather than later.
    Dean knew Greene was damaged before this lockout was done, and I am certain he knew that Greene was most likely going to need surgery, but seemed to allow Greene to tell him after the 1st game he just couldn’t play.
    Greene’ injury did not happen in game 1, nor did it happen in the limited training camp, he had this issue coming into the season.
    Sorry the type of injury that required surgery like Greene had is something that is usually a last resort unless it was a major bulging disk sustained in game 1, which did not happen.
    Lombardi should have also covered the chances of Willie Mitchell not being ready for this season before the season started. Knee surgery, then a set back in rehab after the surgery and then the current issues with inflammation. I can understand the discomfort with his knee might be the case, but I think there is and was something else going on with Mitchell.
    Regardless, Wade Redden was there, price was nothing and he would have been a Top 4 or 6 defender on what has become a very young defensive core with Scuderi being the old man patrolling the blueline.
    Ellerby was a 1st round pick, #10 overall. Everything that is being reported points out that he has yet to show why he was a 1st round pick, and this change of scenery and a team which defense has been one of the stability, and emphasized for 7 years now beginning with Lombardi drafting Hickey, Teubert then making a trade for Jack Johnson.
    Unfortunately the Kings have no room for error in this shortened season, and unless this team all of a sudden wakes up and starts to play close to what they are capable of, this season, which I really wish never was played will be quickly forgotten, and the Kings will be looked at as some sort of fluke winning the way they did last season.
    Dean should have let Penner go, and Gagne well as much as I want to pull for him, he just doesn’t have the same scoring touch he once did. He has been putting up points with assists, but when does Dean decide to also let Gagne leave.
    I’ve never been big on giving coaches extensions after a successful season, and the same can be said of the GM.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but at some point the Kings are going to have to make some decisions about the way they are drafting.
    Forbort, well we don’t know what he is going to be when he is done with North Dakota, and the prospects like Vey/Weal/Kozun are on the small side, and Toffoli looks like he is one of the more promising prospects in the Kings system.
    I hope Ellerby gives the Kings what they need in a semi-veteran solid defender that can calm down the chaos that has been going on in front of Quick.
    Time for the other guys who are paid to score, to start scoring.
    Go Kings Go!

  4. … According to Jim Fox, Ellerby is practicing on the top pairing with Doughty today. Ellerby-Doughty/Scuderi-Voynov/Martinez-Drewiske, with Muzzin skating with resident whipping boy Penner.

    Hope Sutter has fun with that arrangement in Detroit.


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