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  1. Trading Bernier makes even less sense than trading Loktionov or waiving Hickey right before you suddenly need any or all of them.

    (I don’t think Bernier will get a #1 pick from anyone though. Would be awesome to somehow get the #1 overall pick. But I think that’s even less likely than repeating.)

    • Hickey maybe, Loktionov needed to go. Lewis and Richardson ate both centers who are playing wing because the depth at center. You lose Fraser insert Richardson, you lose Stoll move over Lewis and insert Penner.

  2. Scribe, I think your account was hacked. Some nutcase is posting ludicrous crap about Bernier to EDM for a high first rounder.

    • I bet the Islanders would pick him up for a first rounder, lol. I think they should try and do a deal to send Bernier to the Flames for Kippresof when he is healthy. Flames are about to go into a rebuilding period and they should start with goaltending.

    • That’s terrible! I hope he is at least good looking and writes well

  3. The Lokti deal didn’t make much sense till the Florida deal got landed and it then felt like a delayed version of the old three way trade that Lombardi has been a fan of in the past. I always get miffed when I think of trading with the Oil, but in the end even the trades that seemed like they were not going to pay off, eventually did in the playoffs. This coming years draft pool is not looking promising, and frankly I don’t think the Oil are gonna get that high of a pick, at least not as high in the past.

  4. … The Kings should have traded Bernier in the off-season. Now, it’s too late. They’re apparently determined to ruin Bernier’s career, simply because they can – and now they really don’t have a choice. He’ll play his 90 minutes or so this year and move on for nothing.

    • Bernier once say. “Fuck pie charts”, and from then on with Dean, it’s been personal.

    • It’s part of the vaunted Kings tradition of giving not much for some very good assets.
      DL has been very guilty of that. Colten Teubert (1st rd pick) + another 1st rd pick = Dustin Penner. Look carefully at Lamoriello’s record. Hickey draft was a shitty draft? Not for Lou. He got Zajac. You’ve GOT to limit your mistakes if you want to be elite. DL simply makes too many draft mistakes if he expects to make the Kings elite. So far no success w any players drafted after the fourth round.

      • Damn typos. Of Getting not much for their assets since I’m carrying on though there is zip to show for letting TP, Moulson walk. Bet they couldngetmquitensomethingnformthem now.

  5. Scouting central would have Seth Jones as the #1 prospect in this upcoming draft and Nathan MacKinnon as #2.
    Jones is a defender, 6ft 3in 208lbs and can be nasty and also bring some offensive upside,
    MacKinnon is a center 6ft and weighs 182lbs and scoring like crazy in the QMJHL. Problem is the “Q” isn’t really known for churning out much in defense, while the WHL is known for churning out defensive players.
    Since nobody knows what the team draft order will be, and if I remember correctly no more reward for having the worst record in terms of the sweepstakes in that hopper, there is no guarantee on Edmonton getting another 1st overall selection.
    Also remember the Kings gave Columbus their 1st round pick in either last years draft or this years draft, and Columbus didn’t take that option last year, so they get the Kings 1st round selection in the upcoming draft in June.
    In order for the Kings to get a 1st round pick in this upcoming draft, it would have to be via a trade, and depending on who their trade partner is and at what number that pick would be I think Columbus could snatch that pick away.
    Columbus will have 3 1st round picks as or today in the 2013 draft.
    Regardless, I think Edmonton is happy with the progress Devan Dubnyk.

    • You bring up a good point, modcoop. How would the draft pick work. Do they get our original 1st round pick or could they choose the highest pick if we had more than one?

      • They get the pick we had, not the one we get. Trade agreement would likely be specific to the pick we had and likely has clause that it is not any future one we acquire. See, lawyers do serve one purpose

  6. Was this really worth a post? Seems more like a misplaced tweet.

    One would think you’d have an opinion on the trade the Kings actually made before deflecting to a trade rumor you are making up.

  7. OMG!!! Could you at least underline or make that
    ‘IF” stand out??
    Busy work day. No time for email ck..no texts..I am like WHAT…Traded..ahhh…that would make No sense at the this time…then oh..
    Monday going to pick up my new prescription :/
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  8. Kings need a big bag of something because this shit ain’t working as is….

  9. Trade him and Penner to the Islanders for Nino Neideraiter (sp) and Visnovsky.

  10. Richards being called out by Sutter? He needs to get his shit together and quick.

    • Not just Richards (Which Sutter said post practice yesterday) all of his top players on the first two lines (and he stressed that they all have not played well) and Doughty (he calls out Doughty by name) here: http://prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com/2013/02/09/sutter-on-doughty-i-just-dont-think-hes-good-enough-early-in-games/)
      The 4th line has been giving up way too many goals and not playing well in their own end. Puttin Stoll there will stop that. Carter is far too soft forthe3rd line and Richards is a good fit and will be able to defend his zone (depending on how Babcock uses his lines) and if going against the Wings 3rd line, which hasn’t played well, should be able to keep getting puck possession time inj the O zone but don’t see eitther Nolan or King helping out there.
      The first 2 lines will struggle, the mixing of the wings is not a good fit, eps the 2nd line. That will be exposed esp defensively.
      This is a game they have to win. It won’t get easier Monday agsint the Blues.
      Sutter had to do something and this was the only thing, other than benching one of his top 6 wingers that hasn’t been producing and calling up Toffoli for the top line, that he could do.
      I don’t see it working long term, the wings are all wrong. But if they get 3 of the next possible 4 points, regroup this week at home, he can put the top 2 lines back together as they should be.


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