It’s easy to look at this game and state Jimmy Howard stole it. But that would be the incomplete story line to the L.A. Kings 3-2 fall to the Detroit Red Wings. The complete story line would include an awful game by Jonathan Quick including two bad goals (the second and third). Howard didn’t “steal” this anymore than Quick gave it away, wasting a solid effort by some of the L.A. Kings forward core (Mike Richards excluded), including Brown, Kopitar and the season’s star so far, Kyle Clifford.

Speaking of Mike Richards, it’s time for him to sit. A healthy scratch for a game or two will do him some good. I am not “hating.” I just think he is squeezing his stick way too tight and has psyched himself out. He looked infinitely frustrated out there and I don’t know if anyone is more upset at his performance more than him. He had a good game, two games ago against Columbus but that is a little like saying Surly banged a homeless, horny, gypsy girl.

A few bullet points:

  • Keaton Ellerby sucked. “Hey look, a puck, think I will throw it up the middle.”
  • Slava Voynov and Rob Scuderi struggled as a pairing. Credit Detroit for exposing our defense early on. They looked to attack the net and go through us, until they started to run out of gas.
  • Drew Doughty’s “poke” pass to nobody at the end was the exclamation point on our frustrations. The puck hates us right now.
  • It may be time for a sacrifice to the Hockey Gods. Anybody have a spare cat?

Tomorrow, we play St. Louis…think they have had the game circled on their calendar? Jonathan Bernier better play, not because I think he will necessarily be better but I am not sure he can be worse than what I saw from Quick today.

Keep the faith but feel free to scream.