Kings vs. Wings Open Forum: “Who are the Champions now, bitch?”

“Scribe, why are you writing the pregame? I thought that was Surly’s role?”

It is my dear readers, it is. But it is a safe assumption that Jacob won’t be up until around noon or so. He never has been a morning person…or an early afternoon person, come to think of it.

The game is on NBC so we get to hear Doc and his motley crew and cast of characters. That’s good, right? Like the Finals.

Let’s hope we have a game 6 re-performance today.

Uh oh, game on. Gotta go…

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  1. Doughty’s hit on Pavel was great to see right after waking up. Then Pavel scored. BOO!

  2. Empty seats on national tv.. Smh

  3. Is quick less agressive than im used to? “Quick comes way out”…not so far eh. or is it mitch n greene?

  4. I think they had more scoring chances that period that I have seen all year. The new lines seem to be working out well. That crash to the net that Clifford had was sick. Almost reminded me of the move Kopitar put on St Louis’ goalie in round 2 (if Clifford had Brown’s had a few good rushes to the net as well…now that we have 1 past Howard, let it continue.

    Go Kings Go!!

  5. FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Quick is killing us this year. He get’s a mulligan, but give me a break…

    • I don’t know why that guy is having so many problems this year. The surgery? Confidence doesn’t seem the same, and he isn’t even playing just above average. Plus, it seems that every good shot (ok….. Datsyuk’s was great… but in Nashville game and even the few he faced vs. Anaheim) is ending up in the back of the net. He for the moment doesn’t resemble the guy in nets from last year. I believe his SV% has to be under .900 as well.

  7. All I can say is Bernier better be in fucking net tomorrow, thats two in a row where Quicks shit play has cost us points. Yes I know, I know he won us the cup, connSmythe bla, bla, bla he is off this year and Bernier couldn’t do any worse, and on the plus side Bernier could play great if we give him a few games in a row and win us some games and up his trade value in the process. Smarten up Sutter before it costs us a playoff spot.

  8. McGuire is a fucking nut job. “hochey luck” is whenever you get laid, fuckjob. what a wingknob rubbing tool.


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