Kings @ Blues – It’s Not About St. Louis

Hockey gods, hear this prayer.
But not before I insult you,
Yesterday earned it, mon fraire

What’s this shit you’ve done?
Losing games hard fought
Games we should have won.

Stop tickling Quick
In all the wrong places
You’re giving me a tick
Making me make stupid faces

Ones that say ‘OH!’
And some that say ‘aww’
What are you, a fucking dentist?
Guffaw guffaw

I can’t even rhyme right,
You’re antics have thrown me so
Please let us win tonight
Or Scribe may cut off a toe

But if that’s what it takes
A blood riddled sacrifice
To blow luck on our skates
Here’s my fucking vein,

I don’t know what else to say
There’s not much I can do
I wore my jersey to work
For some good ol’ joojoo

So hockey gods listen up,
We really need a win
It’s not enough, one Cup
Let domination begin

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15 replies

  1. ”So hockey gods listen up, We really need a win
    It’s not enough, one Cup. Let domination begin”

    love that last line!!!!!!! go kings go!!!

  2. … Apparently, Bernier’s getting the start tonight. And, Penner might see some time.

    If you’ve forgotten those two are on the team, (Jonathan) Bernier wears number 45 and (Dustin) Penner wears 25.

  3. I predict (at least) one fight and definitely going into overtime.

  4. still smarting from Yesterday.. I do not let go easily..ahhhh That game really belonged to Us.
    If we can see the same from our Boys we should be ok. If Bernier feels support from the D on Forward..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. … Now, Martinez is hurt. It’s a good thing the Kings held on to Thomas Hickey, he’d get some playing time and a regulaOH WAIT. Yeah. Pretty fucking dumb.

  6. I stand corrected. One fight. NO OT!!!!

  7. The hockey gods have not foresaken us. Playing well and doing the right things on the ice is only the first step and it isn’t until you’ve exhausted every possible preperation and strategy that the fuckers decide you’ve had enough.

  8. Looks like AMart out for awhile:

    @JeremyZager: Officially on I-R with a mid body injury…Out for six weeks. Rehab starts tomorrow. No other comments will be made at this time.
    Lisa Dllman pretty much confirmed this.
    Campbell on his way back from manchester and I’m guessing Deano is hitting the phones

  9. Edit: the Zager( Kings rep) mis tweeted…it wasn’t AMart he was talking about , just bad timing, tweeted after AMart went down.
    But Lisa Dillman confirmed he’s on I-R, but not how long.
    Sorry about that….I should have waited.

  10. Ellerby played well- glad to see that.
    Voynov is incredible and Drewiske played well.
    I hope Bernier plays again Friday and I hope Martinez is alright.

    Steener has a small wiener- It’s a fact.

  11. Deja Vu… maybe? Last year, LA sucks balls. LA in DET, lose the game within the last minute of play… Kings go on a tear.

    This year, LA sucks balls. LA in DET, lose the game within the last minute of play… Kings…?

    Sign of things to come? Jinx post?

  12. well what do ya know? It fucking worked…..Go Kings


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