Five shipments left my local post office today. Five L.A. Kings Stanley Cup rings were shipped to:

Highpoint, North Carolina

Hoboken, New Jersey

Ottawa, Ontario

Pierrefonds, Quebec

Regina, Saskatchewan

Surly previously sent his 5 so that is 10 very happy die-hard L.A. Kings fans.

Happy face.

Those who sent emails and who did not get a ring, Surly and I love you and I wish we could have sent one to everyone. We chose those with a combination of long-term die-hard fanaticism for the L.A. Kings, distance from Southern California, inability to get a ring as a result, persuasiveness of the pitch in the email, tits, and most likely to buy us a beer. Each category was given certain weight depending on other factors which we have since forgotten. I should have bought more rings. If I had bought 100, we could have filled the requests.

Sad face.

I finished watching last night’s game against the St. Louis Blues 15 minutes after midnight…damn was it beautiful! Jeff Carter, Slava Voynov and Kyle Clifford were once again the standouts and my 1, 2 and 3 stars, in that order.

Fuck Yeah!

So, anything you want to talk about?