Happy Face, Sad Face and a Belated Fuck Yeah!

Five shipments left my local post office today. Five L.A. Kings Stanley Cup rings were shipped to:

Highpoint, North Carolina

Hoboken, New Jersey

Ottawa, Ontario

Pierrefonds, Quebec

Regina, Saskatchewan

Surly previously sent his 5 so that is 10 very happy die-hard L.A. Kings fans.

Happy face.

Those who sent emails and who did not get a ring, Surly and I love you and I wish we could have sent one to everyone. We chose those with a combination of long-term die-hard fanaticism for the L.A. Kings, distance from Southern California, inability to get a ring as a result, persuasiveness of the pitch in the email, tits, and most likely to buy us a beer. Each category was given certain weight depending on other factors which we have since forgotten. I should have bought more rings. If I had bought 100, we could have filled the requests.

Sad face.

I finished watching last night’s game against the St. Louis Blues 15 minutes after midnight…damn was it beautiful! Jeff Carter, Slava Voynov and Kyle Clifford were once again the standouts and my 1, 2 and 3 stars, in that order.

Fuck Yeah!

So, anything you want to talk about?

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  1. It looks like its coming together. What’s up with martinez?

  2. Is it me or is Kopi getting pushed down, knocked down and falling down more often? I watched him the last few games and it just seems like he is really light on his skates.

    • Yeah I imagine he’s still recovering from his knee injury? I hope that’s it. He’s definitely fragile seeming these days, and lacks that magnetic stick he has somewhere in his possession. Hope he comes back to true form soon.

    • Nah he always disappears around this time of year. No worries, he’ll show up again in a few weeks.

      • Nah he always disappears around this time of year. No worries, he’ll show up again in a few weeks.

        … Among the many myths surrounding the L.A. Kings, this one is the most annoying.

        • Kopi is a steady performer. He gets the streaker reputation because he is streaky in that he goes on absolute tears a handful of times each season. Those tears make his normal steady production falsely appear to be him ‘disappearing’, when really, its just Kopi plugging away at a ‘terrible’ .6-.8 point/per game pace instead of the 1-1.2 point per game pace we’d love to see all the time.

  3. Wondered to your Silence last evening.. good call on the stars.. Agree.. Wasn’t this a Focused team?!!! Alex.. damnittohell… the man finds his groove.. finds his shot.. scores his first goal of the season.. and then wham… CRAP.. Did not see where it happened.. will rewatch tomorrow..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  4. Anybody know where I can find the plaid hat Quick wears in the NHL Center Ice commercial? Carter wore it on NHL Tonight also. I really like it but can’t find it. Maybe it is for players only?

  5. Got my ring from Surly on Friday. I love it! When I come out for the game vs the Sharks on March 16th I’ll make sure to find you guys and say hello. Quite possibly will buy you a beer too! Thanks again guys

    • I got mine from Surly yesterday (takes a little longer to make its way to Atlantic Canada). I was really impressed with it, was not expecting it to be that nice…love it!!! If I ever do make it down to L.A. again (was there in December ’94 and had tickets to a game but it got cancelled due to the 1st lockout) I will defenitely be being you guys a beer as well.
      Go Kings Go!!

  6. What awesome community dedication. Shit, I’d buy you guys a beer anytime.

  7. With Martinez, Mitchell, and Greene out on the D-core, how do you think the Carter trade is panning out? I realize Carter is the top scorer on the Bench right now but if we continue to lose D-men, how much more valuable does Johnson look on the bench as opposed to Carter?

    • Does Jack Johnson score a game winner in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals. ….Enough said.

    • HAHAHA! Getting JMFJ off of our blueline was almost as valuable as adding Carter to our forwards last year, and that’s ignoring the impact of an above average Voynov. Johnson is one of the worst defensemen in the league in his own zone! http://www.coppernblue.com/2012/2/24/1892938/jack-johnson-is-not-good

      THank god Columbus did not fire Howson until after that trade!

    • That’s just the way the cookie crumbles. If Richards and Kopitar got hurt and we still had Johnson we’d be more fucked up the middle without Carter than we are on D without Greene, Mitchell and Martinez. You can only have so much depth at any position to prevent for injuries. The key to overcoming injuries is to play such a tight system, that is ingrained in both the AHL and NHL clubs, that almost anyone with any skill level can jump in and keep the gears turning without fucking up the machine. That’s how Detroit has done it. It’s why they have so many players seemingly come out of nowhere and look great. Part of it is drafting, but a big part of it is also that system. Yes having better players in there makes you a better team, but you don’t start to suck just because you had to call up 2 or 3 guys from the farm team.

      • Exaclty Right.. System from NHL team on Down.. and that is what we saw last year.. when Nolan and Kinger came up and fit right in.. Only wish we had some Bigger bodies in our Farm system as seems players now just get bigger and Bigger.. and even with all the skill in the world you just Have to have Size now a days. Good Points Surly!
        GO KINGS GO !!!

      • Its all about having players that can act as plugs. If you have third and fourt line guys that can eat minutes and prevent goals that’s excellent. If you need 2nd line and 1st line guys to do that then that’s good. But when a D man can step in and prevent the other team from scoring and eat minutes well than that’s golden and ideal. I think we have a few of those d men in our system.

    • Don’t care. We won the Cup in part because of Carter. That trade was gold although I still think Dean was a dick for reasons previously written

    • With Martinez, Mitchell, and Greene out on the D-core, how do you think the Carter trade is panning out?

      … The Carter trade couldn’t have worked out better for the Kings; it saved Dean Lombardi’s job and enabled the Kings to form their ideal structure. And, the man who dealt Carter off was fired in Columbus.

      if we continue to lose D-men, how much more valuable does Johnson look on the bench as opposed to Carter?

      … There has to be an offense as well as a defense, and Carter is the second-best goal scorer the Kings have at the present time. I don’t see how Carter would be less valuable than Johnson, who was poor defensively and didn’t produce enough offense to make up for it.

      In reality, no team can recover fully from three of the top six defensemen being lost to injury. However, the Kings certainly could have been smarter with their farm prospects up to this point. Lombardi likes to preach the benefits of having a good farm system, but his actions have indicated time and time again that he doesn’t seem to believe much in it. Almost every single time he’s given a farm product a chance, it was as a last resort.

      • I’m very interested to see if Campbell gets any playing time now. He’s a guy who no one thought would go anywhere but the Kings have steadily and quietly been very high on as a long term project. It almost appears that Dean has been a little lackadaisical with the farm club on D because he expects so much out of Campbell in the end. Well, its out up or shut up time and if Campbell can’t step in and help out here, it will say a lot about Lombardi’s worth, or lack thereof, in spotting “sleeper” talent.

        • …..sleeper talent?
          He spotted Loktionov but that wasn’t going to work in LA. Probably in NJ.
          He hasn’t drafted anyone below the 4th round that has functioned. And I still think that Colten Teubert was a mistake given that Erik Karlsson, Michael Del Zotto, Luca Zbisa were all drafted after him in the first round.
          Given that he drafted Voynov early in the 2nd round he for sure gets a pass. But there are times I feel like he gets so fixed on the idea of ‘I want “this” type of a player’ that he makes mistakes. He was determined to get a dman in the 2007 draft and he got Hickey. Granted it was a weak draft year, but there were players available who became great pros: Max Pacioretty, David Perron, Logan Couture, Ryan McDonaugh.

          So, we’ll see about Campbell. I think his drafting has been pretty good. Do I think his drafts have been amazing? No, I don’t thus far but time will tell. If Toffoli and/or Pearson end up being great pros then I reserve the right to change my opinion. We’ll see what happens w Campbell.

  8. no smooth ride this year,will have to dig deep dont fret they will all return in time for the inevitable they will repeat

  9. Free Fucking Willie…….please

  10. What is going on with Willie? Just a knee? Or is he nursing a Cup hangover?

  11. So Brown going get a hat trick on Sunday and then suddenly start to pick it up??


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