Monarchs Bring the Heat and Melt the IceCaps

Okay, I can safely say that the pain Kings fans have been feeling watching their team struggle is a pain I can relate to here in Monarchs country. The Manchester Monarchs have been giving away games like Halloween candy, getting trounced by last-place teams and exhibiting this nasty habit of not playing ’til the final 20; if that. It’s frustrating as a fan watching a team that is so ridiculously talented on paper drop games left and right. It sucks more when the only games you attend are home games and they’re losing a lot of those.

Before tonight’s game, the Monarchs had lost six straight games. They were outscored 21-10 in the span of those six games. An even more painful fact is three of the six losses were against division rivals. They were games in-hand that they needed to win as they’ve been teetering between fourth and fifth (last) place in their division for the past month.

So… What the hell is their deal? I really wish I knew.

Tonight’s game seemed like a return to form for the guys. Jonesey showed that he does indeed know how to close his five-hole. Toffoli and Kozun imposed their offensive will on the opposition’s D. The lamp was lit many times. The crowd went wild a lot. And the end result was a glorious 5-2 trouncing of the Winnipeg Jets’ affiliate St. John’s IceCaps. It was a very satisfying win as a spectator because St. John’s historically is a pain in the ass. Watching them get their asses handed to them after the tide shifted — their goaltender under siege on a power play — was a sight to behold.

In other news, I hear that Bernie is finally getting some starts for your Kings. Good for him! He was pretty bad-ass during his time in Manchester, including a Calder Cup Playoff run that would have resulted in a cup if the refs hadn’t been in the Hershey Bears’ back pockets.

But that’s a rant for another time. The Bears suck this year, and I find pleasure in that fact.

The Monarchs have a rematch with the IceCaps on Saturday night. I’ll be there, hopefully cheering my ass off in delight just as much as I did Friday night.

Go Monarchs (and Kings)!

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