This post has been edited, for humor’s sake, to appeal to sensitive flowers who struggle with opinions with edge and candor.

That darn Rich Hammond. We win a Cup and the guy leaves. I thought his writing could have been better and he sure was a skinny guy with an interesting profile.

…wife just walked in and she looks attractive in her Kings shirt…be right back…

But although Rich could have been more outgoing and I sure do wish he had a hockey background and was a more interesting read, he did kind of make Insider his own. It wasn’t so much “Insider” I felt I was going to but I was dropping by at Hammond’s place. I guess what I am saying is I got used to him…gosh…

When he left, my initial thoughts were oh well, maybe it’s for the best. It’s time for the L.A. Kings’ front office and people in charge of these things to hire someone who is not just a journalist that knows some things about hockey and can talk to the casual fan but someone who can give us more than just quotes but hockey analysis that is interesting and entertaining and even occasionally funny.

They didn’t have to be Surly.

Golly, he sure can go too far.

But we scream, chant, say bad words, stand, jump, pump our fists and occasionally lose our temper at games, home and away, drinking establishments, even our living rooms. You think those same fans, who are the die-hards and casual fans who want to be more than that, then want to visit a website that is not very entertaining?

I don’t think so.

Look, I am not saying Rosen is dumb or anything. But you know, he really should check his spelling, break his paragraphs up a little more and make the hockey talk more interesting and original. Gee whiz, if this fine fellow was the Insider, we would get all of the benefits of quotes and comments but mixed in would be other interesting stuff.

Which brings me to my point…

What is your opinion on Insider? I go to Hoven when I want quotes, smart commentary sprinkled in and all of the “need to know” stuff. I go to Lisa Dillman from the L.A. Times for her insight. I go to Insider…actually, I really don’t go to Insider as much as I used to.

Wife is getting frisky. See you later everyone.