Jonathan Who?

Simple question, complete the sentence for tomorrow’s game: Starting in goal for Los Angeles, Jonathan ________?

Don’t pick you think will start, pick who you want to see start and tell me why.

I say Quick should get the nod, and I also think he will. Yes Bernier played well against St Louis. Yes he probably would have played well against Columbus had the Kings defense required him to make an effort. Yes, competition in net is a wonderful thing for everyone and I want to see that continue. But this is Jonathan Quick’s team and tomorrow against the Blackhawks is his opportunity to make that statement.

The Blackhawks are going to come at us hard and heavy. They are, quite literally, the team to beat in the NHL right now. Perfect time for Quick to show us his Cup was no fluke and that he is worth the 10 year contract. Perfect game for the boy to get back on track to being a man.

If he loses, right back to Bernier against Edmonton, and a hard lesson for Quick. If he wins, you still go back to Bernier against Calgary.

I want to see more balance this year. This is Quick’s team but its also time to allow Bernier to emerge as the #1 goalie that he is, so that his trade value is nice and sky high for the offseason.

Tomorrow is big. A chance for the reigning champs to take the current star team down a peg. A chance to ruin a streak and to start our own first positive one. I have every faith that Quick will rise to the challenge and pull out a win against Chicago.

Well smart guys and gals, whaddya say?

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  1. Quick is now rested and he is their best goalie so he should play, not much to it.

  2. Quick – let the backup have the scrub game against the worst team in the nhl. Dont make the mistake of thinking Bernier won that game.

  3. I say Bernier. He is proven his talent. About time for him to shine. He is an awesome goalie

  4. Quick. Easy. I wanna see how fired up he is that bernie took his spot against columbus. Plus nobody is as good as quick when he’s on his game and has a defense in front of him. Nobody.

  5. I watched Quick quite a bit last night as he sat on the bench and was amazed at how attentive he was. His head was whipping back and forth as the puck moved across the ice and he made sure to always lean forward as the puck neared Bernier to watch the outcome of the play. He looked antsy and did not want to be on that bench. He needs to start tomorrow!

  6. … Bernier. If the head coach has a system of “we’re going with the hot one”, then stick with that system. Otherwise, just tell it like it is – “we’re going with the hot one, as long as the hot one is Jonathan Quick.” And, if that’s the case, why bother with pretense?

    Bernier has 33 saves on 35 shots in his two starts. That’s a tidy .943 save percentage. Quick has a save percentage of .891 in his ten starts. It’s clearly a small sample size, but the head coach apparently doesn’t care about that. It’s obvious who is hotter, isn’t it?

    • Bernier is playing well, I wouldn’t say he’s exactly ‘hot’. He hasn’t been tested all that much. You are very quick to point out when Quick is the beneficiary of a high save percentage that is more the defense’s doing than it is his own, you owe Bernier that same logic.

      I’m not trashing Bernier at all, but its not like he stole those two games or even kept other team at bay. He made the routine saves a goalie is supposed to make.

      Now, Quick hasn’t been making those saves. But in the long run, the Kings need him to and I don’t think the coaches decision should be to play a goalie until he loses (unless of course it is something akin to Quick’s shutout streak last year – that was fucking insane of Murray), but this isn’t that.

      Even if Quick is lights out tomorrow, Bernier still needs to play in the back to back, and down the line he needs to play more in general. Bernier should be starting 1 game for every 3 or 4 that Quick is starting. That’s my ideal scenario here, assuming Quick gets back on track.

      I also think its not out of the question that Sutter will play Bernier tomorrow. That’s definitely possible.

      Regardless, we need them both in too form come March, when the crush of the schedule will make or break this bastardized season. We need them both to be the hot hand.

      • You start Bernier, because Quick has played poorly and Bernier has won two games in a row. Stick with the line-up that’s winning.

        • Normally I’d agree with you. When it comes to the skaters, my motto is definitely “stick with what’s working”. But goalies are different, their game is so mental that its not as simple as that. I see tomorrow as an opportunity to get Quick back into form, an opportunity I’m worried you may lose if you don’t play him. The stars have aligned for this one.

          Then again, if Bernier starts, it won’t be sour grapes for me. I’ll be happy to see him test his mettle against a team that doesn’t suck and/or isn’t playing like shit.

        • Yup. Bernier should play. But I think Quick will play.

      • Bernier is playing well, I wouldn’t say he’s exactly ‘hot’.

        … He’s hotter than Quick is, so what are we even talking about here?

        You are very quick to point out when Quick is the beneficiary of a high save percentage that is more the defense’s doing than it is his own, you owe Bernier that same logic.

        … Not saying Bernier has been terrific, but again, who has been the better goalie?

        Now, Quick hasn’t been making those saves. But in the long run, the Kings need him to

        … Actually, what the Kings need to do is put themselves in the best position to win, while sticking to the plan that they themselves made. I’m not concerned with meaningless/nebulous status, or idiotic ten-year contracts given to goalies who have had one good year, or anything of the sort. The main point is to win.

        When Quick was on his shutout streak last season, I was an advocate for him to continue starting, even though he was arguably no more spectacular back then than Bernier has been in the last couple games. It’s about properly preparing to win, being consistent, anhd meaning what you say.

        • If I didn’t think Quick gave us the best chance to win tomorrow, I wouldn’t say he should play. I realize that my belief here is not based empirically on the last few games form either goalie. As with most all of my interactions with hockey, it is based on a gut feeling and faith.

          Time will tell who has fell, and whose been left behind.

  7. I say Quick; if only to finally redeem himself on my fantasy roster. Honestly, Quick needs the start because I think he plays best under pressure; and Chicago will bring it. It’s gonna be a huge bump in confidence for him to kick ass and redeem himself for the first game of the season.

  8. I vote quick. Got him good and rested, motivated, and pissed off. Time to let him take out his aggression on the hawks. 40+ saves tomorrow for the win.

    • I think our D is back on Track, granted it was the CBJ, but we shut them down pretty well.
      If they can maintain that, and play more in their zone, we stand a good chance.
      Brown needs to start lighting people up again.
      He hasnt been hitting and I want to see that resume. It fires guys up.
      Also DD needs to stop with eh bad penalties.

  9. Go with Quick, get him back in the saddle & let’em ride.
    My main concern is not the goalie that plays , but how exposed our defense is going to be. This is going to be the game that shows these youngsters how hard it is to play against a really hot team. Hold on to your nipples boys, this is going to be one helluva ride.

  10. Quick.
    I just pray he gets the offensive support.
    Otherwise it will be a bitter lesson.

  11. I love Quick, he is definitely the KINGS #1 goalie, but I also love an underdog and Bernier is just that.

  12. I’m a little nervous regarding Quicks health. Usually when Quick gets beat, it’s because he’s too aggressive attacking the shooter which leaves the net open for rebounds if the D doesn’t clear. What I’ve seen this year is completely different. Simply, he’s been a half step behind. His reaction time has been off regardless of situation. I’m hoping it’s just a lack of practice and ice time and not a lingering back problem…

  13. Play the hot goalie. Pretty simple. This is Quick’s team, but Bernier has won his last two. We also can showcase Bernier on national t.v. and if he plays well against the best team in the league, it’s icing on the cake in terms of upping his trade value…

  14. Bernier.
    this is the hot goalie’s team. Quick has let in too many soft goals. Bernier’s rebound control has been excellent. He’s on his game.
    We need this win. Not the time to stroke Quick’s ego. This is a very winnable game. We simply must have it and Bernier gives us the best chance to win it.
    And to beat a dead horse, WHEN Bernier wins this game, his trade value will go up.
    again this game is not about stroking Quick’s ego. The team has blown too many points and is in dire need of moving up in the standings now.

    • Not the time to stroke Quick’s ego.

      … Nope, apparently it IS time. Because what’s REALLY IMPORTANT here is ego-stroking, not performance. Fuck performance. It’s about FEELINGS.


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