Simple question, complete the sentence for tomorrow’s game: Starting in goal for Los Angeles, Jonathan ________?

Don’t pick you think will start, pick who you want to see start and tell me why.

I say Quick should get the nod, and I also think he will. Yes Bernier played well against St Louis. Yes he probably would have played well against Columbus had the Kings defense required him to make an effort. Yes, competition in net is a wonderful thing for everyone and I want to see that continue. But this is Jonathan Quick’s team and tomorrow against the Blackhawks is his opportunity to make that statement.

The Blackhawks are going to come at us hard and heavy. They are, quite literally, the team to beat in the NHL right now. Perfect time for Quick to show us his Cup was no fluke and that he is worth the 10 year contract. Perfect game for the boy to get back on track to being a man.

If he loses, right back to Bernier against Edmonton, and a hard lesson for Quick. If he wins, you still go back to Bernier against Calgary.

I want to see more balance this year. This is Quick’s team but its also time to allow Bernier to emerge as the #1 goalie that he is, so that his trade value is nice and sky high for the offseason.

Tomorrow is big. A chance for the reigning champs to take the current star team down a peg. A chance to ruin a streak and to start our own first positive one. I have every faith that Quick will rise to the challenge and pull out a win against Chicago.

Well smart guys and gals, whaddya say?