The Columbus Blue Jackets…just the name strikes fear of boredom into hearts.

End of 1st period

Me: “This isn’t a hockey game. It’s a bunch of guys with sticks…on ice.”

Jacob: “Ha Ha. Write that in your post game and I bet you JT will comment, ‘what are you talking about? This was a great hockey game!’”

Shinny and sloppy the first two periods, sans Kyle Clifford stripping the puck from a Blue Jackets defenseman not named Jack Johnson, skating into the offensive zone and firing a beautiful rimshot, er, wristshot past whoever the hell was in goal for Columbus.


It has been a long week. Fuck him, he’s forgettable.

There isn’t a whole hell of a lot to talk about regarding the game. Basically, this time, the fat chick came over to our place for a good time, didn’t have anything better to do, there was nothing on television, had already masturbated twice that day, she made an effort by bringing over a bottle of wine, so…what’s a boy to do?

I know it’s only Columbus but was anyone else impressed by our defense or should I say our defensive effort as a team and keeping the BJs to only four shots through one and a half periods. BJ…period…heh…and ultimately however many shots they got, during that flurry toward the end…which was even a piss poor representation of a flurry.

Let’s see? What else? Oh I know! Surly commented this may have been the first game of the season where the opposing team actually had to pull the goalie. Is that true? Surly also drenched the guy in front of us in beer.

We have won 2 in a row. One more and it’s called a winning streak. Remember when we used to get all crazy after we won three games in a row? Yeah, that was before we became Stanley Cup Champions. We expect that shit now.

Scribe’s three stars:

3. Jake Muzzin

2. Rob Scuderi

1. Kyle Clifford

Go Mother Sutting Kings!