There are going to be clichés, right? Didn’t play the full 60 minutes, can’t play only 20 and expect to win, need a better effort, etc.

At the end of the day though, Chicago earned this victory. They dominated the first two periods and didn’t break (though they sure bent) in the third.

There is no sense hanging your head or over reacting to this loss. It was a loss to a very good team, one that has set the NHL on fire so far this season and has the momentum of a freight train at the moment. If you consider our struggles, our boys should get serious props for even staying in this game. After going down 2-0, it would have been real easy to call it a game and look forward to the next one. But after being completely outplayed in all three zones for 60 minutes, our forward core went into full assault and nearly tied the game.

Why did we lose?

Surly blames me for writing this article about what the loss of Mitchell and Greene mean. He took it as an opinion that we cannot recover from the losses.

I wrote that article to point out that, in my opinion, losing those two has and will have a far greater impact on the team than what many perhaps believe or at least want to believe.

Tonight, everything I wrote in that article was on full display.

Can we recover from it? Sure, but it will be pretty difficult to do so if we are handing the baton to Davis Drewiske, Jake Muzzin and Keaton Ellerby. It will be fun to watch the three of them grow into their roles and make a valiant attempt…fun, so long as you don’t go into it with unrealistic expectations of grandeur.

A quick word on Jonathan Quick (pun intended). He was good. He made some good saves. But Quickie is still over committing to shots, leaving him exposed on deflections and rebounds. He is an intense competitor and I doubt anyone is more frustrated than he is with his SV% and GAA. I am not sure Jonathan Bernier would have made much of a difference tonight, in the first two periods. That is wild speculation. I do however think Bernier should have played. Riding the hot goalie should mean exactly that.

Off to Edmonton we go, a game we should win. Let’s hope the boys come out better prepared and with their skating legs.