Three Doesn’t Have A Square Root Because Decimals Are Bullshit – Kings @ Hawks

I’m not going to describe the logic that went through my head to arrive at that title, but rest assured, it’s convoluted and makes little sense.

Ok fine, I’ll give you a summary of the logic. Kings win today, well boy howdy it’s a bona fide winning streak.

They lose, back to square one.

Potatoes are root vegetables and I’m hungry.

Afternoon games are bullshit and there are there are no half points.

Anyways, there were lots of articles yesterday. Cogent arguments, discussion, hemming, hawking, squawking and squeaking, so how about we just have a rhyme, watch the damn game, win and enjoy our Sundays, shall we?

Toews and Kane put the ice to flame
To fetch a Cup from Stanley
The Kings came down and stomped their crown
Keith sobbed cause he’s not manly


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  1. Yeah, they need this game if they are going to start making noise. The defense has been better as late. Quick has always made his luck in goal, it might be he used up too much mojo being the best last season or maybe he’s not 100%. I like Bernier in goal.

    Its hard to measure where the Kings may be at. Detroit was a tired team and Columbus…., but the game against the Blues rang true. You are so right. This game tells us if its Passed Go or Square One.

  2. This is a statement game. One that will be easy to brush off if they lose but if they win, it could have huge impact on the team moving forward.

    Kings win 4-2 (empty netter), Quick lets in one soft one then shuts them down minus a ‘good’ PP goal. Clifford has another big game. Kopitar has a strong offensive game. Doughty takes a stupid penalty (not a real big prediction).

    • Shuld’ve ridden the hot goalie. We are too far back in the standings to give a shit about Quick’s ego. He is letting in too many soft goals.

  3. Roses are Red
    Violets are blue
    When you decide to shoot, Drew
    Can you please get it through.

    Today, Doughty, will miraculously miss all defenders and score the game winner from the blue line.

  4. … Guess there’s no need to take seriously what Darryl Murray says. If Terry Sutter doesn’t give a fuck what he says, why should I?

    • I don’t really read quotes anymore because nearly all of them are the same generic crap, so please, clue me in to all these times that Suffer has said that whoever won their last game is the only determining factor in who starts in net.

  5. Nice statement so far…. We’re not in the same league as Chicago. Great to get embarrassed twice on national TV.

  6. whats qoing on

    • No waves of attack. Zero pressure offensively and the Hawks are dancing circles around our forwards on defense.

      Kings are playing a neutral zone game instead of just getting it low and crashing and banging.

      Can’t blame Quick for either goal, but I do feel a galvanizing save was possible on the second goal.

      But the Kings man, everything in the Hawks zone is one quick play and immediately out. I think we had one good chance on Emery from the second unit on our PP. not going to win any games playing like this, but at the same time, we aren’t completely falling over our dicks, and there is a lot of hockey left to play.

      2 goal lead, worst in hockey. All it takes is a few small adjustments from the Kings and the Hawks to get slightly complacent with their lead and domination through 1, and this game is right back in our grasp.

  7. theyre on there heels or are they giving the hawks too much respect.These penalties have to stop when ur playing catch up and down 3 defensemen

  8. this reminds me of the Nashville game no intensity

    • Quick is not right. Get him out of there. He’s swimming all over the place. He’s been iffy all year, and once again this is not the time or place to stroke his ego. We should have stuck with Bernier.

      • Wouldn’t make a difference in this one.

        • he’s been out of position and swimming. Something is not right with him.

          • I agree, I’m just saying the goals were all massive failures by the defense that Bernier would have fared no better against. Maybe the 3rd goal he would have had a chance, Quick shuffling forward there instead of to his right was goofy, but you also know he’s trying to cut down the angle. Oe of those things that looks obvious in slow motion but real time was too fast and just such a colossal fuck-up by every single player on the ice in white.

          • the second goal, he looked like his angle was completely off, and totally surprised that there was a Blackhawk in the crease.

          • then again I’m frustrated and nitpicking

          • Fair enough. Easy to do when you are so disgusted you want to puke. It’s like trying to focus on the back of the car seat so that you don’t blow chunks all over your friends leather seats after a night of heavy drinking.

          • That was a GREAT play by Keith, Quick has to play the shot there, which he was. If you have your defenseman get beat in the crease like that, the other team is going to score every time. I’ll look at it again, but if Quick is playing more to his left, he is leaving the right corner open for Keith to shoot at. The entire team looked surprised that the Hawks know how to pass the puck.

            I know its easier to point to one thing and hope that this pathetic excuse of a game is all the fault of one player, and by no means is Quick playing great, but this is a team-wide meltdown.

            Have you seen ONE forecheck by the Kings? Where’s a fight to give us some life? Kopitar is passing like shit, Brown isn’t hitting anyone, Carter is human, our young defensemen are exposed, we have no transition game. Sure, I suppose this is the kind of game where you could hope that your goalie stands on his head and does everything himself and you win 1-0 in a shootout, but that’s not realistic. These goals are all cases of the defense allowing players to get the puck where they shouldn’t be. Again, I’m not giving Quick a pass, but they are team-wide failures.

          • Agreed. Team wide meltdown.

  9. Damn! This game could easily be 5-0. Chicago is pretty darn good. Our youngsters are being exposed and as stated above we’re backing off way too much. If we keep backing off and giving them space, this game will be five goal blowout. Come on boys, play your game…attack!

  10. Only positive I can take away from the first period is that I thought it was maybe Mike Richards best period of the season, which isn’t saying much.

    Kopitar and Brown though, non-existent.

    This game will be won or lost depending on whether Kopitar can put the team on his back for a few shifts.

  11. Well that was fucking terrible all the way around

  12. This is painful to watch. There is a lot more going on than just missing Mitchell and Greene. Do Brown and Kopitar still exist?
    Is anyone going to come off the perimeter into the middle of the ice? Someone? Anyone?
    This is frustration talking. Excessive nitpicking. But damn it, come on!

    • it’s like the puck carrier’s first and only instinct is to carry it wide….. Chicago is not this good to get that much respect.

  13. Now they are starting to play, and Quick is looking better

  14. So, Bobby’s thread on the importance of Mitchell and Greene? Yep, I have to agree.
    They’re running around all over the place on the first three goals against. Even if you only give up one or two you’re still in the game. Three and (the way Brown, Williams and sort of Kopi have gone mia and on the scoreboard) it’s way too deep of a hole to climb out of.

  15. Can someone please explain to me why the fuck we didn’t start our HOT goalie??? Once again we lose a game because Quick is out of position and flopping around on the ground without his stick (first and third goals). The biggest difference between Quick and Bernier is their positioning, Bernier is rarely out of position while Quick is rarely in position (hence the reason why he has to constantly be diving around trying to make highlight reel saves).

    Not only should Bernier be given some starts, but maybe we should explore ALL options when it comes to trading a goalie. Now before you jump down my throat, would trading Quick be that bad of an idea. The guys trade value will never be higher than coming off a Conn Smythe and Stanley Cup, and the return package would be ALOT better than it would be for Bernier. Also we would be saving big $$$ on Quicks contract (which by the way no goalie deserves a 10 year contract).

    Maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself with the trade talk, but lets see Bernier get the majority of the upcoming starts for fuck sakes.

    • Lol, all three of those goals go in on Bernier too. Don’t be stupid. Nothing Quick could do on any of them to say he was out of position on the first goal is beyond wrong. Is he supposed to play the middle of the crease? Goalie has to play the shooter, its the D’s job not to allow that pass or stand around while a defenseman drops down to the bottom of the slot without a body anywhere near him. 9.9/10 EVERY goalie in the league gives up that goal.

      The third goal? That was a collapse of every Kings player on the ice. Every last one of them looked like fucking idiots on that play.

      • Are you fucking serious dude? Quick is constantly over playing the puck, flopping around on the ice. Do you think its a coincidence that teams shoot wide more on Quick than any other goalie. If Bernier was in net the first and third goals would have hit him in the chest. I’ve played hockey my whole life and know the goalie is suppose to play the shooter, that doesn’t explain why he was on the ground facing the opposite direction with no stick.

        • Because Bernier can teleport himself across the crease?

          I’m not saying Quick played a great game and yes, he is a little extra scramble out there, but I believe he won something called the Cup playing a scrambly style, floppy style.

          That first period was such a pathetic, abysmal performance by the entire team that it would not have matter if the ghost of ken Dryden was in net.

          Also, Quick’s stick would not have help at all on either goal. The only one it would have helped on is the second goal, an he had it for that one.

          And while we are at it, lets have a little higher expectation for what constitutes a ‘hot’ goalie. Bernier played well against a St Louis team that was fresh of 4 losses and playing like garbage. Bernier had to do precisely nothing to win against Columbus. The one tough play he faced against the Jackets, a goal went in on him.

          Bernier is playing fine, arguably better than Quick, sure, but lets not pretend like your average good performance is being ‘hot’.

          We lose this game with either goalie because the team didn’t play hockey for half the game. You are so eager to believe that one simple thing will solve the problem that you are heaping all the blame one player.

          What about the fact that our D was horribly exposed? What about Kopi and Brown playing like grade school spastics scared of handball? What about the utter and complete lack of a forecheck or not being able to make it through the neutral zone without a turnover?

          You can’t demonize Quick for this loss. He made the saves a goalie is expected to make. He didn’t make the ones that goalies don’t make because the opposition played amazing offense and skated circles around the entire team.

          He faced nearly 40 shots. 3 goals is what you Should expect when you give up that many shots.

          • You’re spot on Surly. The team was running around All Over The Place on all three goals.
            It’s true what Canadian fan says about Bernier playing a very different more positional game than Quick. He probably plays a more positional game than Dominick Hasek played as well. But Hasek had a pretty decent career. Thomas is another one who plays that same sort of style…. even more extreme perhaps than Quick.

            Anyway, you nailed it. Williams has ONE goal on the season. An eighty game season and he’s an eight goal scorer? I can’t think of any first lines on any teams where that gets by. And perhaps Kopi’s injury is still an issue, but agreed he doesn’t look dangerous out there.
            So between a very mediocre first line and the absence of two exceptional defensive defensemen, that’s a hell of a lot to overcome.

            One more note….. the Islanders first line is on fire….. and they’re still struggling when no one else scores. The Kings first line is not even lukewarm…. which means they count on Lewis, Nolan, King and Gagne to chip in? When I look at it that way it’s incredible that they only lost the two Sunday games to Detroit and Chi 3-2.


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