Kings @ Oilers Ho-Hum Game Thread

Looks like Quick is in net, that’s fine, long as Bernier starts tomorrow.

Looks like Gagne is out, which is great, because he’s been perhaps the most useless player on the ice.

Ah, I really have nothing to say about this one. Just want a win.

We’ll discuss the game when its on, until then, whatever.

Taylor Hall looks like a ferret
All the Oilers skill doesn’t merit
A good team, cause defense is King
Much like us, lets win this thing.

See, told ya I had nothing worthwhile to say. Wait, that’s not entirely true…

Fuck Edmonton.

That’s better.


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  1. Hey there is a girl hating on Stolly. Whats ur opinion? I know he takes penalties that r dumb sometimes but lately they all have. She doesn’t like him says he is a crap player. Right now they are all playing like crap.

  2. Looks like Gagne is out, which is great, because he’s been perhaps the most useless player on the ice.

    … Unfortunately, he’s being replaced by someone more useless, Colin Fraser.

    • Almost wrote exactly that, but really, atleast Fraser does what is expected of him. Tight defense, gritty, board play. Gagne does not do what is expected of him.

      Sum total, particularly for offense? Yes, equally useless. Comparatively to expectations? Fraser wins this round.

  3. This game is fairly important. I think this team needs a big game from Quick. Competition is good but this could get real awkward if Quick struggles. Oh and Fuck the Oilers and Nail Yakupov.

  4. How about –

    We want a win,
    Dump the OIlers in the garbage bin!
    Watching another loss would be hard,

    There just trying to help out….!

  5. I’d like 2 points tonight and tomorrow, but even better would be 2 convincing wins, establish and maintain a 2 or more goal lead. Play well in all 3 zones, have at least 3 of the lines play strong. I realize the lack of Willie and Greene are hurting the PK but that needs to be better. The PP looked better and that has to continue.
    Looking for Carter and Richards to continue what they did on Sunday and for the 1st line to use some of Cliffords energy to jump start them
    Hit hard, pile up some bodies, drive that puck home and play better in front of Quick.
    a 4-1 win

  6. God I hope someone drills Yakupov. Just lays him the hell out. Kings need to figure something out, watching this team play is making my tattoo itch like crazy


  7. A little something I forgot about… the Kings don’t have a first round pick in what is slated to be a very descent draft class. If they are shitty this season, the Blue Jackets benefit. Unless Lombardi pulls off a good trade (highly unlikely), we are gonna watch a lot of good prospects slide right by us. Of course none of that matters when you repeat!

  8. I would like to see Campbell get a shot. Did anyone see the comment by Ryan Smyth, “at least his family is safe”? I wonder what the hell that means.

    • No I didn’t see that. What question was he answering when he said it?

    • How about how unsafe LA is..esp all the publicity we are going through right now with the Dorner Manhunt/Shootout/Followup Investigation. LA sounded a bit like that Kurt Russell Futuristic Movie Set in New York and the one in LA..with everyone going around in a warzone. Not quite so crazy..only in certain areas.. my daughter’s former grade school was closed for 3 days…uh yikes..back to game..
      GO KINGS GO!!!

  9. Jesus, how many more times do we have to see Willie Mitchell’s day with the Stanley Cup? I’m pretty sure we all got it the first time around. Instead, how about putting up some relevant content about what Willie Mitchell is doing now? I don’t know, maybe make an attempt at actually trying to do some current interviews? It’s not like that would be a budget breaker, now would it?


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