Sliding Down the Hallway – Kings Ice Oilers 3-1

Bullet point time…

The Kings’ defense did a much better job of gap control (the distance between our defense and their attacking forwards) and moved the puck quicker on transitions (the first pass and the speed of the forwards without the puck) compared to the last time we faced these annoyingly skilled whippersnappers.

Jonathan Quick was sharp and made big and timely saves although that first goal was a bit cringe worthy.

The young defense (sans a couple of “hit him with your purse Ellerby!” moments) played a better positional game to neutralize Edmonton’s speed…and that was a nice change of pace from the last game.

Rob Scuderi was super stud.

Drew Doughty had flashes of his Drew Doughtyness.

Slava Voynov has consistently been our best defenseman this season.

Jeff Carter has consistently been our best forward this season. The puck wants to please him. On his game winning goal: “I was just trying to drive to the net. It just hit the blade of my stick and found a hole…” Jeff Carter. Sniper. Great stick. Finds holes.

Trevor Lewis, God bless him, finally had a game where the puck didn’t hate him.

Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and Justin Williams…they should be well rested for tomorrow.

I may or may not have jumped off my sofa, ran and slid down the hallway after Jeff Carter’s go-ahead goal…and I may or may not have slid into the wall and collapsed in pain.

Scribe’s 3 L.A. Kings Stars:

3. Rob Scuderi

2. Drew Doughty

1. Trevor Lewis.

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10 replies

  1. Fucking boys making it all dramatic… Carter 😍stud!
    The Oilers will be dominating once they mature more and develop a solid D. Very entertaining game. GKG!

  2. #1= Scuds
    #2= Quick
    #3= Carter/Lewis (Carter)

    Where is dominant Kopi? You shouldn’t have gone to a second tier Swedish League.

    • You can’t blame him for wanting to play with his brother. However, you can blame him for inviting Bobby Ryan.

    • How about Quickie last night! I disagree with Bobby that the goal he let in was cringe worthy. It was deflected off of Carter’s stick (just like the GWG). Not Quick’s fault he had the glove all ready for the shot had Carts not come back(I don’t fault him for the tip, but I do for the turnover that started the rush’ however a GWG will ALWAYS redeem you!

  3. Timely article from Mayor’s Manor on Lewis needing to get a little lucky in finding the net. Didn’t get to see much of the game but from the highlights it looked entertaining throughout. Replay looked like Carter not only put out his stick for the deflection but that he also purposely deflected down to the 5-hole, his comments after the game suggested otherwise. Two points, thats all this game was. Two more are on the table tomorrow. Fuck the Flames (alliteration always appealed to me) (please pardon the pun). Go Kings!

  4. It was good to see Quick back on his game. The boys played well. A step in the right direction.

  5. Great analysis Bobby. I wish there were more breakdowns of the transitions etc. maybe you could bring back you Hockey 2.0 pieces?

  6. I’m still waiting for the podcasts to return. Whats up with that ?

  7. Yes Better game last night.. Energy First period.. seemed to run out of gas during end of second and start of third.. maybe we were conserving it.. Know Oilers are Speed Crazy.. but then so are Blackhawks.. Hope we really are in game condition. Dougts much better. I have been on his case cause I know his skill not cause I do not love the kid. You Bobby are on Ellerby’s.. yes he does make some ahhh plays for sure..but also some good skillful ones.. he is young NHL wise.. maybe don’t be quite so quick to throw him under the bus? Stollie energy guy.. wish he could give some to Kopi and Brownie .. no sparkle there..Quick.. he was on form last night.. much more comfortable. But did you notice the last minute until the empty netter? I swear he got nervous..tensed up…cannot blame him as we have had such crap luck with those last second goals.But got 2 YAY!
    GO KINGS GO!!!

    • The game settled in when Scuderi began playing the angles and both Ellerby and Drewiske were reined in by Sutter. Quick gave the team a chance to win. Great payback after their last meeting.

      Big game by Frazier, Lewis, Nolan, Scuderi and Voynov. Half a big game by Brown and King (an improvement as of late).


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