Kings @ Flames – A Pregame That Doesn’t Suck

That’s a lie, its gonna suck.

The pregame, not the game. Because a pregame isn’t a game, in fact, what the hell is a pregame anyways? There’s too much use of the prefix pre. George Carlin taught me that. George Constanza taught me to go out on a high note. George Michael taught me to have faith.

Fuck George Michael.

I don’t need faith to tell me the Flames are a bad team. That Joey MacDonald is a run-of-the-mill sometimes decent, sometimes awful, usually not good enough for a team to keep around long goalie.

Don’t need no damn faith to be confident in whichever goalie Sutter decides to start tonight. I hope its Bernier, it will probably be Bernier, but Quick is getting some swagger back so if he starts, he’ll kick some tail too. If Bernier starts, slow and steady wins the race and Glencross sounds like a name you’d give a pet rabbit.

Speaking of hare, faith can blow me, since Heidi Androl doesn’t work for the Kings anymore, but I don’t need Patrick O’Neill’s pre…. Talk before game time, to tell me that if the Kings keep getting fourth line contributions it will help the scoring woes, but really, what we need is for Kopitar, Brown and Williams to figure out why they have all those zeroes at the end of their paychecks.

Beware games of cakewalk, my Kings
The team that sleeps, the Flames that flack
Beware BabBab Chuk, and old flings
And sad aging Iginla hack.


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  1. Off Topic… Breaking Alert.. Buffalo just announced they have fired Lindy Ruff

  2. more off topic…D.J. King is now playing for the Ontario Reign!

  3. but really, what we need is for Kopitar, Brown and Williams to figure out why they have all those zeroes at the end of their paychecks.

    … Maybe if Sutter would leave that line alone, they’d be able to show it. And while he’s at it, restore the Doughty-Scuderi pairing. Every time those two are split up, the Kings pay for it. They might be able to squeak past a team like Edmonton, but there’s no way they’re going to compete with good teams while Ellerscrub is on the top pairing. This stupid shit has to stop.

    • I just want to say Dutch you are one of the guys on here whose comments I appreciate. You do get into some heated discussions, but you know this game.
      I also believe in line chemistry. TM drove me Crazy last year with the ever rotating lines. We were all confused from player
      Also liked your analysis of the Chicago game the other day. Some valid points. You were debating USA #147.. someone like that
      GO KINGS GO!!!

    • Williams has bounced around, but Kopi and Brown have been playing together pretty much every game. To blame their lack of production on one winger getting rotated around is to cut Kopi and Brown more slack than they deserve.

      I’ll agree with you about one thing though, Ellerby shouldn’t be in the top pairing. Scuds-Voynov should be the top pairing logging the most minutes. Those two have been our best defensemen so far.

      But I would also be ok with if Doughty was back with Scuds. Can’t go wrong there. Basically you can’t go wrong with any pairing with Scuds, because he’s such a good defensemen any pairing he is on will play well most all of the time.

  4. What?????
    Our Kinger???
    I leave house (computer)for 2 secs…
    Regarding Reign…Two tkts for a game were this years deal in Bailey Buddy pack..King tickets.. Stanley Cup Champion King tickets not to be..I buy to support Kings Care Foundation anyway.. have yet to get my friggin Popcornopolious..I want the cheese..not carried at Staples :(
    So you know the hassle to get your free Reign tickets? Only available for Wed or Sun(out I work) games and you have to go there pre game to use the voucher for ticket.. if available …oh brother..I should have taken Bobby up on offer to meet up for game pre lock out end..
    GO KINGS GO!!!

  5. A Lewis Carroll homage… how could we lose? If Simon Gagne plays, that’s how.

  6. I feel another win coming on. GO KINGS!!

  7. You know Surly, I would really love a Limerick once and a while. They are usually quirky, tricky, and oh so fun. GKG!

  8. Anytime you borrow from one of my favorite authors of all time, “suck” is not possible.

  9. Can Drew Doughty score please? PLEASE!!!

  10. Kings find their forcheck tonight and find their mojo. Nice Game Bernier.
    Welcome back LA Stanley Cup Champions.
    2 more Points.
    GO KINGS GO!!!


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