L.A. Kings Sweep Alberta 3-1

Me + Jeff Carter = Serious Bromance…only problem is he doesn’t know I exist.

Anze Kopitar still wants that one timer in the first period back. Poor Kopi. He was snakebitten tonight.

Dustin Brown has started hitting again. That’s good. Notice when Brown is hitting, he’s also scoring.

The low-release is my favorite offensive play. It is horror (pronounces haw-ra) for goaltenders. Have to follow the puck from behind, to the front and still pick up its release off the shooter’s stick, often from a one-timer. Our first goal was a low release that Brownie buried. My heart pittered and pattered.

Jonathan Bernier looked good…actually, he looked great. I hope he gets a lot more starts because, if it is based on merit, JB has earned it so far. Bernier’s hybrid style reminds me of a young Martin Brodeur.

Jake Muzzin makes me nervous when he has the puck. So does Ellerby. Drewiske does not. Davis had a good game and is fitting the “average defenseman that doesn’t hurt you” role.

Shut up Iginla! Yeah, you!! (He was talking smack to my bromance)

It’s not every day you sweep an entire Canadian province. Up yours Alberta. Bring on the Tigers and Eskimos.

Crap, I just realized we only beat Edmonton and Calgary. Still, two in a row…

Scribe’s three stars:

3. Dustin Brown

2. Jonathan Bernier

1. Jeff Carter (bias)

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  1. do you think jeff carter was worth trading JMFJ + a 1st rounder?

    before i get hated on… that was sarcasm lolol

    i love JC and i dont mean jesus christ

  2. I feel safer when Muzzin has the puck than when Drewiske has it. It might just be that he’s been taking a lot of penalties recently.
    Muzzin does look a lot smoother with the puck and smarter on the ice these past few games. I believe his pairing with Doughty has given him a bit more confidence. But really, I just want Willie, Alec and Matt back…

    • Since the midpoint of the Oiler game Drewiske has been more effective. It appears he has been reined in and is again playing a stay at home position. Whereas Ellerby allowed himself to be caught up in the game, at one point he ended up trapped behind the Flames net.

      Ellerby’s skills (which landed him in the first round) do not seem to have translated very well. Ellerby is OK but our OK guy (Greene) is better all around fit.

  3. Carter is the fastest gun in the West, or East, anywhere. Maybe it is more like a magician that says “now you see it and now you don’t”. Hocus-pocus.

    As an aside, it looked really frigid in Calgary tonight. Imagine leaving that arena after a loss and walking to your car in the snow. Dreadful and dejecting.


  4. I must repent my sins regarding, Jeff. Please forgive me, Carter. I don’t like players that only do one thing, even if it’s scoring. But, you, my friend have been spectacular. Here’s a big slap on the ass. Keep it going, son!

    JB played well. I’m very impressed.

    Did you all see the little kid dressed as Quick? That was awesome! I think Quick got a kick out of it as well.

    I’m actually pleased with Doughty’s play. With Mitchell and Greene missing I feel he’s played- by default- the shutdown role pretty well. I can see Doughty and Voynov being our top D pair in 2-3 years. Speaking of Slava, have I mentioned how much I love that kid.

    Williams, you are useless. Last time that word was used to describe someone great things started happening. WILLIAMS, you are USELESS.

    Well played, Kings!

    Anyone else playing in the Poker Tourny tomorrow/today? I ‘m thinking about hanging out with Luc and Marty and Ian.

    • WRT the kid dressed as Quick, it was funny seeing him try to get Quick’s attention then, when the little guy was unsuccessful, his mother leaned over the rail and yelled something at Quick. That’s when he came over and said hi. Not even the Conn Smythe trophy winner can escape the will of good ol’ ma-

  5. Behrn-yay (if he insists on pronouncing it that way, that’s how I’m gonna write it, wouldn’t want to be disrespectful), played a hell of a game. Though we controlled the majority of the game, played well and dominated stretches, Behrn-yay had to come up big several times. Really love his calming style. One piece movement to the umpteenth degree.

    So cool that we have two incredible goalies, both with such divergent styles.

  6. I don’t know if it would be possible, but personally I’d love to see them resign Bernier…. especially if he knew he would play more. It wasn’t expected this season. I imagine he’d want to be a No.1 somewhere, but maybe he’d consider staying w the Kings on a short term contract? I’m with Surly on that. I too love the way he plays. Very calm and stabilizing influence on the team.

    • He won’t be an unrestricted free agent until 2015, I’m 90% sure it’s 2015 not 2014, but I also am only on page 647 of the new CBA. So he is under team control, whether or not someone else offers a contract we don’t match in another conversation. I will say that the Kings are 3-1 since I got my ring from Surly & Scribe, thanks again guys! Is it a coincidence? Who knows, is it because we have played Columbus, Edmonton, and Calgary? Probably, but no matter who the opponent would have been; with the exception of the first 35 minutes of the Blackhawks game, the Kings have looked like a whole new team tlately; you know a good team!

  7. Sweetheart, the Tigers (actually the Tiger-Cats*) play in Ontario. They play in the shittiest stadium in the Americas, a wreck known as Ivor Wynne. Their hometown is Hamilton. Alas, they’re generally a train wreck of a team.

    Surely you meant the Stampeders (Calgary).

    The CFL deserves better from you. While the Stanley Cup is the best trophy in all of sports, the next best one in professional team sports is the Grey Cup. (The America’s Cup is better but not contested every year.)

    Yes, I’m a pedantic prick. But, my sweetheart is Canadian. From Hamilton. Her dad spent 20 years working for the Ti-Cats.

    * The Tiger-Cats came about when the League consolidated the Hamilton Tigers and the Hamilton Wildcats in 1950.

    • The second best trophy is the Lombardi Trophy, and of course a very distant second, as it is named after the greatest coach in any sport of all time. After that it is semantics.

  8. Why does Darryl Evans need to flex when he is holding the mic? Also his comically oversized chest and plastic looking suits are distracting and annoying


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