We have some fantastic readers and commenters here at lakingsnews.com. This is a community Bobby and I have enjoyed cultivating. We love meeting those of you who aren’t too creepy at games, various Kings events and hell, even a few random dive bars. We appreciate all the kind words you’ve given us over the years, the beers you’ve bought us and the great hockey conversations we’ve had.

Unfortunately, we recently discovered that all of you are lame. Well, all except for one.


That would be reader Exiled’s freshly tattooed shoulder. Think it’s fake? Think harder. Turns out Exiled, who is a die hard Kings fan that has to suffer living around Hurricane fans in Raleigh, North Carolina, is the only TRUE Surly & Scribe fan among you and for that he has a Replica Stanley Cup Ring in the mail, on the house.

So you can blame him for revealing to us your unequivocal lameness. Sorry. Not to fret though, we’ll give you a chance to redeem yourselves. I have two replica rings sitting on my coffee table and it has been decided their owners will be determined by a contest. Details to be given soon.

Our goal for this site used to be that we wanted to get locker room access for media scrums and interviews. Priorities change and now that our logo has been paid the highest compliment, there’s only one benchmark for success I have left to conquer with this blog – being asked to sign a woman’s breasts. “Being asked” is an important distinction here, or so the officers have told me.