Monarchs @ Sharks — “Wuss-ter or Worst-er, does it matter?”

That was the quote seen on a sign in the crowd during the Monarchs pre-game skate before facing the Worcester Sharks in the first round of the 2010 Calder Cup Playoffs. I can’t remember if I saw it prior to the deciding game of the series — an OT winner by Voynov clinched the series — or earlier on. Regardless, it provided a simple play on words that was simultaneously insulting to both the Sharks and all of the people south of the border that drop R’s like it’s going out of style. It made me chuckle and set up a wonderful anecdote two years later. So thank you, random guy with a sign.

Tonight the Monarchs head down to take on division rivals the Worcester Sharks at the DCU Center. Looking at the standings, it’s a game they really need to win. They’re three points behind the Sharks in the standings, so it can’t help them leapfrog into third, but a win could help them from falling into fifth (aka last) in their division; they’re tied with the St John’s IceCaps.

Weird how much the IceCaps suck this year compared to prior seasons… That might explain why the Winnipeg Jets seem to be sucking a little less.

Fuck the IceCaps and the Jets.

Back to Worcester…

It’s tough to call out any specific history between these two teams in their games this season. Frankly it’s been pretty boring. The games have mostly been decided by 1 goal, usually in regulation. Without Clune on the team and Johnson typically riding the pine, there’s rarely any fisticuffs to keep things interesting. In prior seasons, it was pretty common to witness some theatrics between these two teams. My personal favorite was a fight (in Worcester) that broke out during the pre-game skate involving Clune, Johnson, McLaren, and Gogol.

A game against Worcester was also the one time I saw former Monarchs’ D-man Thomas Hickey actually get into a fight.

So how will tonight’s game pan out? It’s hard to say. My guess is it will be close, but how close will depend on if they put Jonesey or Berube in net. I wish Manny were back in the lineup — dude knows how to stop a puck — but we gotta take what we get. In this case, it’s five-holy city or the “new guy.”

And I know that last comment probably sounds a bit jaded. I’m just a little frustrated by guys with huge potential not actually, you know, showing it (or being given a chance to). At the last home game I attended, the Monarchs blew a 2-0 lead after 1 to eventually lose the game, 3-5.

This after kicking the same team’s ass 5-2 the night before. Ecstasy to agony in 24 hours.

After tonight, the Monarchs have two more games this weekend, one against the Sound Tigers (WTF is a “sound tiger” anyway?) and the Pirates. That means two in-division games that matter. Hope they’re up to the task.

Go Monarchs (and Kings)!

…and congrats to the Kings for kicking Calgary’s roody-poo candy-asses the other night!

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  1. You should do a piece on hickeys first NHL goal how you feel about it and all that shit, Dave.

  2. I love our Jungle Dave & I lust reading about our Monarchs. I wish New Hampshire wasn’t so damn far away. Gotta make that road trip.


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