Colorado @ Kings (Finally) – All Lappy All The Time

I am ionic an incisive to eye Ian. Laperriere. Lappy.

Lappy loves LA and LA loves Lappy.

Lightly lions lacerate ligaments compared to Lappy lighting up lamps and losers.

Most popular player.

Fan Favorite.

Kings legend.

Pregame ceremonies suck. Afternoon games suck. The combination has all the makings of an unsurprising defeat. But it’s Lappy day, and Lappy lay low like lightning limits luminosity. Lets hope that the fanfare infuses in the Kings an iota of the kind of intensity that Ian brought to every shift he ever played. If that becomes the case, the Kings will be fine.

More of the same from the last two games. Build on the momentum of what it feels like to control large portions of the game, to weather storms when necessary and to have your goalie make all the saves needed. Screw Landeskog’s return. Home advance means he takes Scuds every time. If I see Ellerby out there against him or Duchene, well… I’ll remember the whole lot of nothing it did for Hemsky and the Oilers. I used to write afternoon games off as cursed, but we are Cup champions. There is no curse.

I know Lappy played for the Colorado Avalanche for a while and perhaps the scheduling of Lappy’s Legend Niiiii… Afternoon, is not a coincidence, but fuck the Avs, Lappy is ours.

In the spirit of Lappy, I’m demanding big games from Brown, Clifford and Nolan.

There better be at least one fight. You know, for Lappy.

Who starts in goal? Bernier earned another start with his last game as much as any goalie has ever earned a start,but I’m feeling a back and forth here is in order, a 1 and 1 rotation. That would give Quick the Avs, Bernier the Quaks, Quick the Wings and Bernier the Nucks. I like the sound of all that.

I also like the sound of “Kings win!” and “Hey Surly, here’s your free beer!”

I hope to hear both today.

In the last game thread, someone asked for a limerick. Whoever that was, this is your fault.

If I had my own pussy with hair
Like old Jean Sebastian Giguere
I’d just throw it at Lappy
He makes all the girls happy
Cause he licks boys with his fists and the sap from the girls that are fair


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5 replies

  1. A+ Limmerick

  2. Best post yet! Why, because alliteration is the second most fun thing in language; if only you had worked in a palindrome.

    Dammit I’m mad

  3. Hey Jacob…..I am sitting in the 100’s today. If you find me, I will buy you a beer!

  4. It was me. Thank you! A great limerick. I am impressed.


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